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on Male Lions of Londolozi

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Thank you for the lion update Dan. Did the Birmingham males originate from the Birmingham pride to the north of Sabi Sands?

Hi Marinda,
Yes they did

Dan, I loved all the photos, especially one Ottawa Male🤗

Yessssssss!😍😍😍 One of my favorite!

Senior Digital Ranger

Thrilling to stare that close into the eyes of your cover lion clip…I startled when he blinked!

Senior Digital Ranger

Poor babies, how cruel age really is for all

I’m thinking that the Avoca males are currently in the best position to gain dominance.

Yes they are! I totally agree. 🦁👑

Hello Dan, Very interesting blog you have to day of male lions of Londolozi. I have a favorite the Ottawa male! I think he is enormously beautiful! And he is like you say large, fit and youthful. I’m so happy that he is currently dominant over the Mangheni Pride! I remember when he came and lived a risky life… He has been doing well! I’m happy about that! I know also that he has been seen mating with Ntsevu female in 2020… Do you know if he has become a father yet?
I think he will have a great future… maybe he take over more territory in the south east now when the two Birmingham males is getting ”old”… I’m in for the Ottawa male! ❤️

Well said! However, I feel the Birmingham boys still have experience and power, and as long as they stick together, they will be okay for a while longer. They are a favorite of mines. Especially king othawa and Avocas and the legendary warrior king hairy belly. 🦁👑👑👑💝❤💕

Bad news. HB passed away 2 weeks ago.

Hi Ann,
You’re right, the Ottawa male is really beautiful. One of the Nstevu lionesses did have a litter about 3 months ago which possibly could have seen the Ottawa male as their father. Unfortunately they have all passed on.. however the Mangheni pride have got a little cub that is very healthy and definitely an offspring of the Ottawa male.

Hi Dan, Thank you for your answer. I’am happy to hear that the Mangheni pride have a little cub that is healthy and a offspring of the Ottawa male!

he is missed, so sad about Othawa junior matimba

Having seen the Birmingham males in their prime a couple of years ago, it’s heartbreaking to view this recent photo of one of them. I have been following the N’wishshaka males who have been occupying an area of SabiSabi and producing cubs with the Southern female. It would be fascinating to see if they do indeed move into Londolozi territory-they seem to be a formidable pride. There’s change ahead for sure!

Well i heard that 2 of the N’wishshaka males aren’t doing so well. So……i don’t know.

Hi Dan! As many people around the world I watched a documentary on Mapogos’ rise and fall due to Majingilane’s entry. And then Majingilane’s life. I wonder how many male lions are left… they are the apex predators in the ecosystem and also an important cultural symbol in Africa but not only there. I wish a long life to all those spectacular big cats even though the Birmingham look older but, as Makulu and Pretty Boy thaught, never say never…

Great story. The Birmingham male looks very old indeed, a tough old fighter and still impressive. The Ottawa looks like a real king of the animal world, really gorgeous. The same can be said about the Avoca males. As you have said, the future of the lions of Londolozi will be interesting indeed. Hope to see some of it.

Dan, LOVE the title video of the eyes! I thought one of the Birmingham males had passed but you say there are still two?

Hi Bob,
The two remaining Birmingham males are still alive.

The lions are so gorgeous!! It will be fascinating yo see how it all comes out! Thank you! Victoria

How very interesting! Thank you for sharing!

Beautifully written and the photos are stunning. It’s wonderful to have this intimate look at a world so far away and so incredibly wild on a frosty morning in New York. What a gift you have for your work and your passion for Londolozi. Thank you and Happy New Year.

Hi Theresa,
Thank you for your message. Happy new year to you too.

Beautiful !

Great post! I have been lucky to see both Majingilane and Birmingham male Lions together and it was so powerful! Thanks!

There are also 3 new males in the western SS, the Tumbela males. They may well push out the old Matimba and also 3 Othawa sub adults males, one of whom is a full brother of the Othawa male, the last offspring of the Majingilane males. Interesting times ahead!

Please save my spot at Founders so I can see all of them.

Every article out of Londolozi in reference to the BBoys always refer to them as “aging” or “old” males. Why does Londolozi continue to push this narrative? Why not focus on the dominance they’ve had in Sabi Sands since over the past 5-6 years, siring cubs in the Nkuhuma, Styx, Torchwood, Tsalala, Mhangeni, and Kambula pride. Why haven’t the 3 Avoca challenged these aging males? How about the 2 prime KNP males? The 4 N’waswitshaka were chased by Tinyo and Nhenha and have not returned. The BBoys are one of the most successful coalition Sabi Sands have seen and by the time they’re done they may even raise the most offsprings to adulthood. BTW, Tinyo has always looked like that. Can the wear and tear on one’s face from fighting truly show a deterioration of condition?

Hi Kwa,

Just to be clear, are you saying they’re not ageing…?

Hi James,

Aren’t we all aging? Should the focus always be on that fact?


I’m unable to reply to your last post James so here’s my final post. The reality is no coalition will hang on forever. No one is denying they’re getting older. But it just strikes me as odd to continually paint the BBoys as 2 old males losing grip of their kingdom. That wasn’t the case in 2020 and not yet in 2021. No rival coalition has challenged them. Not only have they chased the N’was, Othawa male, but also the northern Avocas. The 5th Manti and his 2 sons could be a problem though that has yet to be seen.

I enjoy your work James and continue to read. Have some faith in the BBoys.

The Styx and Nkuhuma males are sons of the B-boys if I’m not mistaken, it would be interesting to see them challenge their dads/uncles in the near future. Avocas never impressed me, came into Djuma unchallenged bc the B-boys ventured south. Seems they have split from their brother who prefers to stay north with the Talamati pride.
Seems like awesome days ahead

Thank you Dan for an update on the male dynamics of Londolozi, without the exaggerated narration so many on social media use! Simply appreciating the dynamics for being wild and natural doesn’t seem to be enough for some unfortunately.

The northern Avocas actually consist of three brothers, with the third, who is referred to as the Dark mane Avoca, usually hanging out with the Talamati Pride 0n Djuma and Buffelshoek. The three do meet up from time to time and I’m certain, if summoned by his two brothers, he will come south and unite with them.

A really interesting blog Dan and informative of the male lion dynamics. Sort of sad to see the one Birmingham male fading. They were definitely a force to be reckoned with in their glory days. You all have interestin times ahead of you to see how this all plays out. Thanks for sharing with us. Love the real close up shot of the lion – and of course the pics of the others. Be well and stay safe all of you.

Thanks for this interesting post on the status male lions at Londolozi Dan! Looking forward to seeing what happens over the next period of time as the Birmingham males age out.

Very interesting blog, Dan. I have to agree with everyone, the Ottawa male is beautiful – his mane looks like he’s just had a wash and blow-dry…..And as for that Birmingham male, talk about battle-hardened!

Dan what an interesting article 👌. The Birmingham makes are certainly looking their age and the Ottawa male even more handsome but I place my bets on the Avoca males here 🙂…to be honest as long as they are all kind to the Tsalala female and her growing cub I’m happy to be wrong.

Great update! Lion dynamics among the males in an area with such a rich history is always fascinating. Their lineages have been closely followed through the years and their stories of tragedy and triumph are like a real life Game of Thrones playing out. Perhaps the most satisfying thing as that they seem to be relatively safe in that area from poachers, hunters and herdsmen. They live and die having lived natural lives. Please keep us posted with updates.

Dan, We always say that lion warfare is much more exciting than any of the “Housewives” shows on TV. It will be interesting to see how the story develops!

just wondering didnt beautiful
Othawa male have any cubs and will the be safe?

Hi Frank, the Othawa male had control over the Mangheni pride and they are currently raising a number of cubs. There is always a threat to young cubs this comes in the form of other lions, leopards, hyenas, even honey badgers, and snakes. Without the presence of a dominant male in that area other lions will notice and start to move in. If the new lions come across the cubs they will very likely kill them.

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