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Pete was a Field Guide for Londolozi for 4 years, contributing to the blog as a fantastic writer as well as photographer. Right from his very first bush trip at the age of four, Pete was always enthralled by this environment. Having grown ...

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on Mhangeni Lioness Carries Cub to Meet Pride

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Senior Digital Ranger

That drive , witnessing the Lioness carrying her cub and alternatively making it walk , and all the other drives with Pete and Bennet that week were incredibly special. Thank you

Amazing experience.

Pete, I loved all the photos, especially with cub🤗

Stunning photos and fantastic blog! Thank you for sharing.
I wonder how big is the Othawa male comparing to with the Gowrie males or the Avoca males. He look very big in this sighting!

Awesome capture. Thank you

What an amazing story!! I look every day to check on this beautiful bunch!! You are truly a blessing!! Thank you, for your wonderful work that you do. It is much appreciated by those of us that do not travel but are very interested in our wildlife. I do not know what it is about this crowd that keeps me so involved!! Maybe it is the fact that these ladies are so determined and their lives hang in the balance of such a dangerous environment!! Or maybe it it because this is such a beautiful pride with such a beautiful King over them. I have been watching from the first time I laid eyes on this magnificent Beast (Othawa Male)!! Much respect to you all that have let me be a part of such an amazing story!! My life will never be the same again. I feel I am connected to this somehow, just by watching!! IDK if that makes any sense at all? Wishing that I could do more to help but knowing there really is nothing that can control the situation. It’s all up to them as a pride and as a king!! Wishing I could save them all. They are a strong bunch!! I have to keep that in mind!! I also know that you all have to be a little or a lot attached to them as well. If I can get this concerned for them, I can only imagine how it is for you all that are close enough to touch them. How it must be so excited yet so worrying at times!?! Thank you for letting me be a part of!! It does not go unappreciated!!

How special and unexpected! Do you know if this lioness has other cubs, or is it just the one for this litter?

What a very special sighting for you, Pete! It’s right up the top of my bucket list, but given that was a 1st for you after living there for 4 years, I won’t hold my breath. I think all cats carry their young in this way? – but do any other species, eg wild dogs?

Wonderful! And beautiful photo of her carrying the cub.

How thrilling for you to see a lioness carrying a cub – and not just a brief look! I’ve long wanted to see a lion or leopard moving a little one like this! Maybe next visit….!

Great post and stunning pictures Pete! Your black and white photo of the Mhangeni lioness carrying her cub with the tree in the background is simply iconic!! Brilliant work.

Senior Digital Ranger

What a way to start morning! What wonderful captured moments! .. I get a laugh out of seeing the tiny tot stalking the Jackal. More so of all, seeing the tot giving a try at the ribs, I think of the restaurant moto here in the states that says,.. “Eating good in the neighborhood!” Geez, the lions get to eat better than we do! (as it is said in humor about cat life.)
Thank you for sharing your precious moments with us Pete!

How fun! That was a wonderful post. Thank you

What a breathtaking moment.. or actually several moments over 1 and a half hours!!! Simply incredible this mother walked with such a tiny cub for so long! Once in a lifetime sighting! Thank you for sharing! Made my day!!

Senior Digital Ranger

Thanks for sharing this unique and exciting siting with us!!!

This is what I like best about lions: their strong family bonds and all the nice greeting and grooming going on between the family members. The pictures of mother and cub are just wonderful! So sweet. I think one can really see the love she feels for her cub in her eyes while she is carrying it.

Soooo cute! Loved the black and white shot!

How exciting for you! After over 100 game drives, I’ve yet to see this so it’s still on my bucket list. Next trip……

Insane sighting and even better photos!

This just so happens to be one of my favorites, well it is my favorite pride and I absolutely fell in love with Othawa male lion!! Great photo!! There is nothing better in life than a mother’s love for her young. I have often wondered how hard it is for the mother when she loses one. I know animals are different than humans but I figure it can’t be easy for them. The way they fight for their offspring tells me they do feel the pain from loss. They just don’t dwell on things as we do maybe? That’s just my opinion. What a beautiful photo definitely. This pride is so beautiful and have a beautiful male at the head of them. Their offspring absolutely gorgeous. One day I hope to get to see such an amazing sight as this. I have to go to Africa first. I have to say some of the photos and videos I feel as I am right there with you guys!! Much respect for that by the way!! I’m grateful for you and work and that you share such memories with us. It is greatly appreciated!! Thank you for all you guys do, hats off to each and everyone of you!!

Senior Digital Ranger

Those pictures are spectacular! What an amazing event to witness! I envy you – these pictures make up for not personally being there because they are really excellent. You captured the emotion that each of those lions even the cubs, expressed. It’s about a weeks worth of storytelling in one day. Wow!

What a treat Pete 💗👌🏻I’m sure you all have a list of unique firsts …would be interesting to sit down and compare your lists between each other, say for your first 4/5 years at Londolozi and see who came out tops or even whether that particular sighting has been witnessed by the Varty brothers themselves over all these years.! 💕

Had the good fortune to capture a photo of a leopard carrying a cub–amazing image of power and grace!
Incredible experience to follow the lion for such a distance.

Pete, What a special experience! We love how the rest of the pride welcomes the little ones!

absolutely wonderful experience thank you for sharing it warms our hearts

How many total mhangeni cubs in the pride?

Senior Digital Ranger

Wonderful exciting sighting Pete. The cub was stashed quite far away so was it perhaps the first time intro to the pride? Some really great photos, especially the black and white.

A really great blog Pete. Loved all the pictures, especially the cub. It is heartwarming to watch the pride reunite and the cubs all playing together. Thanks very much for sharing with us, thoroughly enjoyed it. Be well and stay safe all of you.

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