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James had hardly touched a camera when he came to Londolozi, but his writing skills that complemented his Honours degree in Zoology meant that he was quickly snapped up by the Londolozi blog team. An environment rich in photographers helped him develop the ...

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on The Week in Pictures #470

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Fantastic pics this week. Love all the birds.

Stunning photos.

Great pictures. I really admire the weaver birds and their intricate nests.

James, Thanks for the great set of images! So cool to see the new Tavangumi male. Is he releated to any of the Londolozi leopards we know?

The photo of the southern masked weaver was just great. The bird’s ability to construct such a nest using only his beak always amazes me.

Fantastic photos again, James. Very happy to see Makomsava’s cub again.

Wonderful pictures James…the Makomsava cub is irresistible and the Ottawa male gorgeous. Beautiful animals and luxurious landscapes in all photos

Does anyone know if it’s the Tsalala female that has an injury to the right side of her mouth?

Not that we’re aware of Trish…

Trish it is the Amber-Eyed Nkuhuma Lioness/Amber Eyes who has the cut on the side of her lip that is already healing.

Thanks Michael, I did hear that and hope she fares well and heals quickly. I was worried about the Tsalala girls as I usually am, lol. : )

What a wonderful week of sightings! I long to be there-the blogs are helping me get through my chemotherapy…

Mary Beth, I’m so sorry to learn you’re going through chemo and know you’ll come through this episode in your life with flying colors. After all, you’ve Londolozi waiting for you next year. I read you’ve scheduled for April as have I – perhaps we’ll overlap, one Northern Californian to another. Take care!!

Our April visit is my big goal! A real motivator. It would be lovely to meet…

I wish you all the very best of luck Mary Beth. I sincerely hope you will make a full recovery and lead a long and happy life. Have only positive thoughts.

Thank you for your kind thoughts…

Mary Beth, what are your April dates?

Mid month for 14 nights…

What a varied and interesting TWIP! Loved the Southern ground hornbill photo!

Senior Digital Ranger

Some beautiful photos and I’m always mesmerised by weaver nest building – a beautiful little guy …it’s so precise and clever, and hopeful! The satiated expression on the Othawa male face tells the story! Great TWIP.

Senior Digital Ranger

love love them all…each one is so unique…. could just sit for hours and look at theses…. which I do a lot… Thank you

Thanks for another great array of photos James! Love seeing the photos of the Ntsevu Pride! Have you seen a trend in the groups that split away or stick together or is it still disjointed still in its organization at this point?

James, some spectacular images this week, especially the Makomsava cub and weaver’s nest, and certainly not forgetting the satiated Othawa’svlanguid expression. 👏👏📷

Loved that Weaver shot ! The Othawa male as well! Great shots , thanks 😊

Digital Tracker

Absolutely stunning pics! Love the weaver and the beautiful Othawa male Lion. Exquisite!

Great images, particularly liked the Southern masked weaver. His nest is a work of art. Always interesting and informative reading, thank you so much.

Beautiful photos and as always a bright spot in my morning!! love the hanging acrobatics of the Weaver! thank you Victoria

A really nice TWIP and love the birds. The masked weaver’s nest is incredible – nature is so amazing. Thanks for the beautiful pictures – a really nice mix.

Amazing. Didn’t realize that Weavers can build an entire next in one day! Wow. It is so intricate too. As you say, they are the Master Builders although their wives don’t always think the same way! Wendy M

Whether it’s those busy little weavers or a full bellied lion, your images always shine! My thanks. Good wishes for healing also sent to Mary Beth!

Great photos all around! Although many favorites appear above, the birds and that huge monitor lizard take the week!

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