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James started his guiding career at the world-renowned Phinda Game Reserve, spending four years learning about and showing guests the wonder of the incredibly rich biodiversity that the Maputaland area of South Africa has to offer. Having always wanted to guide in the ...

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on Spring has Sprung

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As migrants arrive with you, they are leaving us in Switzerland and autumn approaches. Fewer barn swallows this week – by next week, they’ll be gone.

Spring must be my favourite season. It feel like a fresh start after winter. Love all the flowering trees. The great photos in the golden hour. Waiting for the first rain to fall. The warmer days. Love it.

What a wonderful photo of the Emerald Cuckoo!
And yes, I am really looking forward to you starting to welcome guests back. Can’t wait!

Senior Digital Ranger

Hi James
hope you are both OK !
Enjoy the bush for us as well !

Hi Dina and Guido, we are both doing very thanks! I am sure you can’t wait for your next safari!

Senior Digital Ranger

we will have to wait !
If we are still alive May next year : Zambia 🙁

How wonderful blooming trees look! Birds are striking and the Senegal Bush male is a real Leopard King.

It would be nice to be a migratory bird and wing my way back to Londolozi! Soon, I hope!

That’s a lovely blog, James. I always feel wistful when you talk about having sundowners as they’re just not the same in our back garden. Tell me, are you guys drinking all the gin the guests would normally have?

Hi Suzanne, we have to keep practicing so we don’t lose our touch when all of our guests come back!

James, I loved all the photos, especially the leopard in the tree

Senior Digital Ranger

I love spring and all the newness that comes with it. I’m also really looking forward to the first rains.

Senior Digital Ranger

It will be so nice to share spring 🥀with you …it is one my favorite times of year… and even more so as we are going into our fall🍂which is another favorite time of year…

Senior Digital Ranger

What a superb collection of photos, especially the rainbow … took my breath away. What was the bird/animal on the rock on the left?

The flowers and bird photos are so upbeat with the colours and I love the giraffe reaching up to where no other animal can get to, apart from birds.

Thank you for sharing the excitement of Spring.

Senior Digital Ranger

PS: I see it’s not a bird on the rock – four legs! Klipspringer?

Well spotted! You’re absolutely right it is a Klipspringer!

Beautiful shots that capture the wonder of it all!

Love the warmer months in the bush! Woodlands Kingfisher is the sound of the bush to me LOL. Going into autumn rather quickly in Canada. Great news about welcoming guests, and I hope to be there again one day soon.

Senior Digital Ranger

Spring ushers in a rejuvenation of the ecosystem and most interestingly nature remodels & decorates the savanna in its own personalised way. nature always best teacher & artist

Senior Digital Ranger

Beauty personified by the sweet image.incredible how nature moults itself to beautify the wilderness

Senior Digital Ranger

powerful insight into migratory birds. while researching more on migration behaviour l uncovered how birds over feed to acquire excess fat reserves which act as fuel for the long haul flights.Birds have inbuilt compasses on their nostrils that serve to aid or sync/align their navigation which includes celestial compass aids too.birds can even afford to sleep while in flight because their brains have literally two hemispheres making them switch off one partially without harming the trip itinerary.Cuckoo also classic examples of brood parasitism.

Senior Digital Ranger

promising signs of life depicted by the bright hope embodied by new vibrant colors

Senior Digital Ranger

beatiful giraffe image feeding on knob thorn tree.animal boosting pollination exhibited

What a wonderful time to be visiting Londolozi. I love that short period of spring when it’s not too hot, the light is just perfect and one awaits the arrival of your summer visitors. We are watching the last of the bee eaters leave now, the Marsh harriers, cranes and flamingos. We welcome the rains and the cooler air but the silence is deafening.

Senior Digital Ranger

loving the flexibility exhibited by the giraffe.posture to some extent aids sexual dimophism.male and female exhibit contrasting resource partition feeding adaptations.head posture influence

Senior Digital Ranger

incredible insight on golden hour prevalence.

Digital Tracker

Great write up today James! Any word on when guests can return yet?

Dear James. Such an interesting and beautifully photographed article! Also enjoyed the Emerald Cuckoo! Lovely. Thank you very much. Wendy M

Lovely essay and wonderful pictures in this dispatch James! Thank you!!

Senior Digital Ranger

what really triggers the migratory instinct in birds.What is the proper name for the inbuilt compass like adaptation on birds nostrils? l would like to believe that it enables birds to auto sync with celestial compass🧭.
Also how far true is it that birds brains are seemingly broken down to 2 main hemispheres which enable birds to sleep while in migratory flight as a means of energy conservation means as REM sleep is activated?

James, Well done! These are some of the very best bird images we have seen! Thank you!

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