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James started his guiding career at the world-renowned Phinda Game Reserve, spending four years learning about and showing guests the wonder of the incredibly rich biodiversity that the Maputaland area of South Africa has to offer. Having always wanted to guide in the ...

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on Why You Should Never Say No to Exploring

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James he is beautiful. Is his mither the White Dam female as he is named White Dam. He will be Camp Pan’s grandson. We love to drive out and see what the bush give us. Sometimes we do not see much and sometimes fantastic sightings. The best is to be out in nature, no matter which road you took.

Hi Marinda, Yes is Mother is known as the White Dam female. I agree with you as well about it doesn’t matter which road you take as long as you are exploring!

Master Tracker

“Don’t you love it when a plan comes together?”

Hi Ian, it really does make your day!

James, what a wonderful blog! I saved the leopard the Leopard in the tree, the Leopard going down the tree, and Leopard on the in the grass🤗

Hi Joan, we were very spoilt that morning for sure.

Good call James. It’s only partially about luck. Never underestimate skill. Nice photos

Hi Andrew and Daniel, thanks so much!

Senior Digital Ranger

Hi James , I just put some foto’s on instagram of our magical safari together !

Hi Dina, I will definitely go and have a look!

‘Go with the gut instinct’ is normally a wise adage! It worked out that day for sure. I love the pic of his leap down to the termite mound! Thanks for sharing!

Hi Darlene, glad you enjoyed it!

Intuitive ‘knowing’ and what a beautiful sighting it has produced. Leopards are elusive and solitary, and how privileged we are to see this handsome leopard relaxed and happy in his natural habitat. Thank you Londolozi.

Hi Annie, it really is a privilege!

fabulous pictures!!! you reinforce my feelings when getting into the car in the morning and you are asked what do you want to find. my answer is always let’s go and see what you can find. there is always a great surprise thanks to your expert knowledge. Victoria

Hi Victoria, I do love that feeling of anticipation at the start of a game drive!

You know, James, I cannot tell you how many times we have looked for leopards in trees with NO success whatsoeve over many years in the Bush! At Londolozi – just judging from the number of Leopards we have seen in pictures – you seem to grow trees with resident Leopards in them all over the place! (Perhaps I am exaggerating a little bit!) Wendy M

Hi Wendy, it does seem that way a lot of the time. It is certainly quite a sight to see and hopefully you get a chance next time!

Hunch = Gut instinct= Premonition = Experience = Knowledge etc etc etc. It all comes down to just another reason Londolozi’s ranger/tracker teams are THE BEST!!!

Thanks Bob and Lucie! We are very lucky to have a lot of experience in our ranger/tracker teams. Some of them have been here for over 30 years!

Great sighting, James. I was thrilled to see this male’s presumed father is the Makhotini male, who I saw as an adolescent cub with his mother the Maxabeni female and sibling (who I believe was later named Tu-Tones?) Guess he’d be about 11 years old now. Do you ever get reports on him from neighbouring reserves? – I’d heard he’d moved off Londolozi but stayed fairly close, but that was a long time ago.

Hi Suzanne, yes you are absolutely right. The Tu-Tones Male and the Makhotini Male were brothers and the Tu-tones Male dispersed to the east of our reserve where he unfortunately succumbed to injuries in a fight with baboons quite a few years back. The Makhotine Male held onto territory for quite some time in the southern most parts of the reserve before being pushed even further south and out of our traversing area. As far as I know he is still around which is very impressive for a male leopard because that would make him 12 years old. Hope you are well!

Brilliant! As always, thank you for sharing the process along with the results!!

Thanks Paul!

Hi James, thanks so much for sharing this experience with me. My dream is to come to Africa and see all these magnificent animals first hand, but with all that is going on right now, who knows when travel will be allowed again. But until that time, I enjoy all the pictures and stories from all of you. Thanks for bringing Africa to me.

Hi Joanne, its an absolute pleasure and I also hope the world returns to normal again soon and we can share these sightings first hand with everyone again!

Hi James, just caught up with your blog/video this morning. I’m a total believer in gut instinct coupled with experience and what I found from my first visit to Londolozi is that each drive yielded something special, from Ingrid Dam female posturing in a tree to a beautiful gray heron with a freshly caught fish in his mouth… go out, explore and nature will deliver her gifts.

So true Denise, thanks for sharing!

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