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Bronwyn is 4th generation custodian of Londolozi Game Reserve, a mother, Master life coach and also one of its most longstanding employees, having grown up on the floors of the kitchen and in the gardens of the lodge. Bronwyn’s official title is that ...

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on Green – The Colour of Love and Joy of Spring

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Beautiful blog. Spring is my favouritevseason. A time of renewal.

Lovely pictures and great text.

Bronwyn, Loved the video🤗

Hi Bronwyn – how marvellously written I was smitten by your tale and pictures. .. yes been is the colour of love and life indeed – and all the creatures that depends on it us included proove that. Thank you

Green sorry I taped it wrongly on my mobile

Bronwyn, my Daughter is The Channel Keeper, Bobby Kennedy, JR

Senior Digital Ranger

Loved this blog Bronwen, also the film and it’s message. Enjoying the change of seasons here in urban space, Tabebuia, citrus yellow against a sky so blue you sometimes have to stop and just breathe it in and so much else. I think lockdown has helped to make us even more aware of the natural beauty which surrounds us.

Thank you for the “Morning Walk”. That was very helpful. Take care

Your green thoughts are lovely but rather ironic to us at the moment. Here in Northern California we are suffering our 29th day of poor air quality with smoke and particulates from nearby wildfires fouling our environment. No morning walks! Our greens are rather gray, your greens are lovely!

Can’t wait to watch the Netflix show thanks for reminding us to slow down and perceive.

Senior Digital Ranger

Green embodies life and it mirrors the continuity or sustainability of the ecosystem.Hope is also rekindled.Green signals a boom for animals which translates to greater eco-tourism growth.Green signals tue catalyst for a healthy ecosystem

Senior Digital Ranger

Resource partition is further enhanced by the green effect. food abundance & diversity makes the corridors of african wilderness to blossom with life and activity of species.Seasonal changes trigger newer more vibrant storylines about the wilderness

Senior Digital Ranger

Nature is always pleased with simplicity. Photography + wildlife + Green = Heaven✓

Thank you for ALL of this Bronwyn. I really love the morning walk meditation and will enjoy the noticing tomorrow morning. Also looking forward to watching My Octopus Teacher. Many gifts offered here, and deep gratitude in acceptance.

What a beautiful piece of writing Bronwyn! Reading this article was like drinking a long, cool , refreshing glass of spring water! You have made my day! 🌸

Thank you for this reminder to walk, listen, feel, and enjoy the peace it brings. Goodness knows we all need a bit of that, especially here in Northern California where the fires are burning all around us. We become so caught up in the negative that it’s time to allow the positive energy to flow……

Yes. Yes. Yes.

Bronwyn just loved ‘My Octopus Teacher’ and your blog today, so true that we take so much for granted in our everyday encounters with nature on our door steps. As Autumn approaches here, we too are getting our first rains and enjoying the odd splash of colour and a feeling on new life. Of course you are blessed to be in a very special place where nature of all types surrounds you constantly. Here we have to search for it..but we do get rewards from time to time. It seems that summer is bringing a little extra sunshine your way with the reopening of some international tourism. The whole team at Londolozi has worked so hard through this difficult period bringing the joy of Africa to everyone shut in. I’m thrilled that things might be returning to the ‘new normal’ for you all and wish you all a year filled with the colour green 💗💗

Senior Digital Ranger

Just lovely Bronwyn. Thank you.

Senior Digital Ranger

Thank you for sharing Bronwyn, I find the greens this time of year to be extra beautiful.

I’ve had a chance now to watch the Octopus teacher, and it was wonderful. So poignant. If we just take the time to slow down, explore and appreciate the nature and environment right around us our lives will be opened to so many lessons and gifts.
It is (or was) unimaginable that someone could forge a bond with an Octopus, and yet it was so tender in its interactions.
Thanks kindly for the recommendation and insights!

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