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James started his guiding career at the world-renowned Phinda Game Reserve, spending four years learning about and showing guests the wonder of the incredibly rich biodiversity that the Maputaland area of South Africa has to offer. Having always wanted to guide in the ...

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on Reminiscing Around the Sun

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Fantastic pics James. I love taking pics of sunrises and sunsets. I have also got hundreds. The best ones are probably with a lion in the image. Or a video of the sun rising with a lion roaring. Lovely to see the Piva male and the Magingilane.


Master Tracker

Lovely shots, especially the hippo and giraffe shots .

Worthy of any wall

Such fabulous shots! Thank you!

All photos are special. I guess Majingilane lions are known by many people as there was a documentary on Mapogo coalition that was seen in many countries and Majingilane brothers were seen as “the enemies ” although one of them was killed by Mapogos. I loved to follow their stories. Piva male looks very relaxed and sociable, a beautiful leopard, a shame he died in his prime but so life goes… Joy Adamson wrote Born Free about lioness Elsa and Queen of Shaba on Penny the leopard. She underlined that lions and leopards should never meet… it’s hard to choose among the hippo bathing in gold and the giraffe silhouette. .. I ‘ll choose the Finfoot female because I love moonlight! Thank you.

James, your sunrise/sunset photos are magnificent- especially the Camp Dam and Zebra silhouettes. Each dawn/evening we’re given these gifts by the sun, producing an original painting everyday. They’re my favorite moments of the day, made so more when spending time in the African Bush- truly the best sun show anywhere! Thank you for going through your photo archive.

I have been fortunate to have lived on the Hudson River in New York as well as the Gulf of Mexico. As a result I have witnessed and captured many stunning sunsets, which were previously kept in a folder titled “Sunsets.” Our recent move affords us the opportunity to observe the sunrise over the city and sunset over a barrier island into the Gulf, resulting in the folder now being labeled “Sunrise/Sunset.” That folder includes several great photos from our trips to Londolozi.

James, I saved the reflection in water🤗, when watching the sun set behind the Drakensberg Mountains🤗

Love the 1/25th of the hippo in the golden pond! You have some amazing shots, thank you for sharing. Victoria

James, great pictures, you have taken what we call my tree! The last picture I always take before leaving Londolozi for good luck and to ensure we come back is my tree. It’s great to see it in such a different light, thanks for sharing….

Beautiful photos! Thank you for sharing : )

Senior Digital Ranger

These photos are so beautiful. The leopard, honoring this lovely male, his proud stance and yet hesitance and vulnerability in his eyes. The silhouettes-the hippo as the sun is setting and the juxtaposition of the lighting with the giraffes body in front of the setting sun to the change with the lighting of the neck and head-just gorgeous! Nice work James. Thank you for sharing.

Wonderful photos, James

Your Giraffe shot is SO TRUE AFRICA! Frame it. great pics for a rainy CT day!

Wow, James those are wonderful! My favourite was the Giraffe – it is sensational!

Wonderful memories, wonderful shots! Thanks, James.

Hard to pick a favourite when they’re all wonderful – but if I must, it has to be the giraffe, which I’ve added to my favourites. Thank you, James.

Senior Digital Ranger

Thanks for sharing James, it’s prompted me to go through all the folders on my hard drive. Also methodically labelled and catalogued 🙂 If I can’t be in the bush physically right now then I can at least enjoy some of the memories for the time being.

Some stunning pics, James! Loved the one of the Camp Dam at Sunset and have taken it for a Screensaver! Wendy M

Stunning pictures James!! They are all brilliant, but the giraffe, seemingly on fire, is exquisite!!

Thank you

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