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Being surrounded by wilderness from a young age, you experience it in all of its essence. Matt was privileged enough to grow up in the Lowveld and its surroundings, sparking a great love for nature and all it has to offer, be it ...

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on Wildlife Photography – Being Present in MY Moment

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Stunning photographs!!

Thank you!

Lovely blog Matt. I can’t imagine not having my camera driving in the bush. You never know what amazing sighting is around the corner.

Thank you Marinda!

Matt, wonderful photos🤗

Did not think much about photography until my first visit to Londolozi when, until then, I was satisfied with my point & shoot camera. I have developed an interest and some skill for subsequent visits with the help of some skilled guides.

I couldn’t agree more! As an avid non professional photographer, I live for the scenes I see through that camera lens! I watch as I wait for a scene that is significant in my mind, perhaps not in others. I cannot imagine going on a game drive and leaving my camera behind. Beautiful shots! Continue to enjoy, just as I will!

Well said Matt. To add to that I love being able to capture a stunning moment and look back at it later and re-live it through the photograph.

I’m with you! I’m not a professional photographer but I love capturing moments, sharing them, but more importantly they’re for me. I have also tried the “keep my camera in its bag” only to see something that is amazing and missing the moment because I couldn’t get to my camera fast enough. Now I keep it ready, but allow all my senses to take in all that surrounds me and sometimes, that is enough.

Master Tracker

Lovely photos, my advice set the aperture at it’s widest, go for spot metering if you can, know about camera shake, the rule of thirds and always aim for the eyes

Senior Digital Ranger

These Pictures of wild animals are Amazingly Beautiful. Thank You for sharing these pictures with us

Dear Matt, exactly my feelings! To capture these moments of love between a mother and her young one, e.g. or a father who bonds with his cubs, is so wonderful. And the best thing is: later at home, I can relive all these wonderful moments, all these incredible experiences I have had with animals, again and again. Of course, I could do this also in my phantasy, my mind. But it is not the same. I can hear the sounds again, smell the smells again that were there at the time when the photos were taken, feel the same overwhelming sense of awe towards nature, when I look at my photos.
Sometimes one could think that even the animals want us to take photos. When an elephant mother e.g. parades her baby in front of a car or a leopard mother nurses her cubs right next to us. Once elephants came to my cottage at Phinda trumpeting till I came out onto the terrace. Then they were fooling around in the pool as if to say: Come on! take pictures and make video clips of the fun we are having.
And once I was not carrying my camera and a snake was catching a dragon fly. I was so sorry about not having the camera with me.

And sorry; PS: Your Photos are just wonderful!

Senior Digital Ranger

The photo of young leopard is magnificent – understand your passion!

Thank you Jennifer, its the best feeling!

Amazing photographs!! I also can’t imagine leaving my camera behind, especially in the bush!!

I love your pics – truly magnificent leopard pics, especially the female going down the tree! Wow … that’s really the result of timing, patience & lots of squinting through the camera lens.

Senior Digital Ranger

Matt this post REALLY hit home for me “I wish I had my camera with me”, “Why did I leave my camera behind”… that’s me completely!

and then you said this…

“The truth is, I am a photographer. I love taking photographs. It’s what I do. I might not be a professional or the best at it, but its what brings me joy, and yes its not for everyone. Some people would much rather leave the camera behind, but for me there is a sense of accomplishment when I hit the trigger and capture a moment forever, and I’m able to share it with people who also not only love photography but also love wildlife. I’m able to be present in that moment and know when to shoot, I’m able to capture composition well enough to tell a story.”

I’m never more present than when I’m in the bush taking pictures of my favourite subject matter, I truly can get lost in it for hours. I CANNOT wait for this lockdown to be over so that I can get back to my happy place!

Nicole, once that bug bites, it doesn’t let go. Ive learnt the hard way! Hope you get back to your happy place sooner rather than later, best of luck!

Brilliant photography, and your gift of passion for photography is a gift to us!! Thank you!

Such an interesting article and great images. Observational sketching is my mindfulness “go to”…my sketch will be nothing like your images but i can recall smells, sounds and exact visual locations. If i close my eyes i can be back in that moment in time. Your beautiful photos put all the detail on my recollections. Thank you.

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