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Pete was a Field Guide for Londolozi for 4 years, contributing to the blog as a fantastic writer as well as photographer. Right from his very first bush trip at the age of four, Pete was always enthralled by this environment. Having grown ...

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on A Starry Night Delivers An Unexpected Visitor

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Wow! Amazing sighting. Always expect the unexpected. A pangolin is still on my bucket list. The star pics are lovely aswell.

Senior Digital Ranger

Thats Awesome that you found a Pangolin its Beautiful and At night with the stars in the sky that must have been quite an exciting animal to see.. Awesome Find..

Wow what a once in a lifetime experience Pete! One can only wish that one will witness something this special and this perfect!!! I must say I am quite jealous 😂

Beautiful sky! So glad you didn’t step on the pangolin!

Pete, Looks like you had a great teacher that night! The photos are “stellar”. Thank you! Hope to practice again on our next visit!

The Pangolin sighting definitely puts you in the “A” team, but so does that last picture.

I was fascinated by your night trek to shoot the Milky Way, as I’ve seen it, but never had the opportunity to photograph this beautiful sight. I took note of your settings as well, but the bonus was the Pangolin- the holy grail of any Safari. I’ll need to keep traveling to Africa in order to view this truly elusive creature. Congratulations!

Pete, loved the pangolin

we have never been at Londolozi in May, but twice in January we have been with Alfie and had wonderful views of the array of stars and planets . because of the dark we could see so much better while here in the city it is impossible to see the stars. thank you for not only the stars but the pangolin!! Victoria

What a thrill! I’ve tried some night photography at Londolozi and it’s a bit spooky in the pitch dark. Some fun images for sure but a pangolin in the grass would have made it perfect! Lucky you!

Master Tracker

A pangolin as well !!!!!

Still waiting for the Londolozi caracal

Beautiful photographs and what a wonderful surprise … the pangolin!

Senior Digital Ranger

Isn’t that something?? Just amazing!

Spectacular photos, thanks for updating my background. great job, don’t stop.

Beautiful. Truly in awe when I visited at the night sky. Never knew there were this many stars

Well done! A beautiful night sky AND a Pangolin – very lucky indeed!

Hi Pete. What an exciting and beautiful night!! Those stars in the Bush are always SO MAGNIFICENT! Beyond words …. so exquisite …… You guys placed the rock and the tree etc exactly in the right place for your photos. Very well done indeed. Thank you so much for all your efforts. Quite stunning. Wendy M

P.S. And then on top of that splendour, a very wonderful sighting of a Pangolin! What an exciting evening you had! And such an obliging Pangolin too!! (This P.S. was supposed to be part of the review above so don’t worry about adding points etc.) Wendy M

What an extraordinary night! Your astrophotography is really beautiful and I love the use of the landscape in it. I was lucky enough to see a pangolin at one your neighbor’s just after leaving safari with you in December of 2018 Pete. Was a heartstopping special moment indeed! I’m thrilled you had the experience under such a glorious sky!

Digital Ranger

Such clear skies there, and a sense of peace.
Iris from Birmingham, the Midlands, UK, where it is unlikely to have such wonderful night skies.

That is so special!!!

Simply amazing and beautiful! What a wonderful experience it must have been all ‘round!

What a blessing and thank you for sharing it with us. Please protect him from poachers!

Senior Digital Ranger

Astronomy personified in a heavenly manner.I cant help but fall in love with astronomy

Senior Digital Ranger

Pangolin headlines perfect star night. brilliant images all round.greatly appreciated.

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