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James had hardly touched a camera when he came to Londolozi, but his writing skills that complemented his Honours degree in Zoology meant that he was quickly snapped up by the Londolozi blog team. An environment rich in photographers helped him develop the ...

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on Virtual Game Drives: The Week in Video #11

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Gloria Brislin

My goodness. My heart was in my mouth. So glad the wild dogs are still okay.

Joanalee Oneil
Digital Ranger

This was an intense nail biting video with Beautiful Ending, With the hyenas in the wild dogs pups Den and Then the lions my heart was beating fast with nervousness. The 2 young male lions are very handsome Boys and hope they will be ok. As for the female leopard and her cub are so beautiful and hope they stay safe. To sum up this video it was amazing and heart wrenching all in one . Thanks for a wonderful Video Totally amazing.

Marinda Drake
Master Tracker

Amazing videos. Love the Avoca males. The best is the wild dig pups. Heart stopping moments with the lions. Wonderful that the pups are fine.

Victoria Auchincloss
Digital Tracker

Gracious what a terrible fright and finally a fabulous ending!!! Victoria

Kenneth Macleod

Excellent viewing guys, thankfully all the pups in good nick hopefully we get to see them soon. Surely a broken drive shaft qualifies for the pink pouch?

Michael and Terri Klauber
Guest contributor

James, James & Pete, Great story-telling and videography. You had us on the edge of our seats again! What a glorious finale! Thanks for staying on it. The special on-location cams are a great addition!

Chelsea Allard
Digital Tracker

Given that hyenas and lions have raided this den, is it likely they will move to another site soon, or stay put since it’s clear the den has protected them?

Kara Taylor
Master Tracker

I’m so relieved about the pups. I was worried all week! I’m hoping we get to see lots more of them as they grow.

Gillian Evans

What an amazing Sunday afternoon video! Love all those moments at Londolozi and especially the joy of seeing those wild dog puppies thriving!

Denise Vouri
Guest contributor

Done and dusted, another week’s video highlighting the activities taking place in the bush and including no less, a minor vehicle breakdown. If we can’t join you, then at least we can vicariously share your successes, joy and concerns. Interesting to see the Avocas exploring – fortunately they were smart enough to keep a distance from the Birmingham’s and Ntsevu pride. Looking forward to seeing the next videos.

Blair Sinclair

Did the Birminghams respond at all or was that not needed did the Avocas go back north? Ever find out what all the commotion was about or what lions they may have chased? That Wild dog segment is incredible congrats on the editing for that when all 10 pups came out was a very special well put together piece of footage thank you for sharing all this with us hope you continue these vids post lockdown

Darlene Knott
Master Tracker

Wow, I knew everything was okay with the puppies already, but watching the video, I couldn’t help but feel trepidation as you went back to the den for another try at locating the puppies. When all ten bounded out, I could not help having a tear or two fall in happiness. What a precious sighting, one you will never forget! ❤️

Johanna Browne
Senior Digital Ranger

This is the beginning of the making of a great documentary on wild dogs. I hope with all my heart they make it all the way to adulthood. These stories are so compelling and whoever does the editing does an amazing job, not to mention the cinematography, the narration and story telling and most of all the trackers. You all are true artists with these virtual tales. Thank you so much!

Bob and Lucie Fjeldstad
Guest contributor

Words can’t adequately describe the enjoyment we feel watching your weekly video recap. It’s the first thing we look at Sunday morning even before getting out of bed. Having been quarantined for 3 months here with everything closed, no sports, no retail, no restaurants/bars, no theaters, only grocery stores. The internet and TV have been our only enjoyment and your Londolozi videos plus the blog have been lifesavers. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to live vicariously through your eyes and to follow the “mostly” four-legged stars of Londolozi!!! THANK YOU! Can’t wait until we are there again!

Vin Beni
Guest contributor

Could feel the anxiety/relief across the sea as you all waited for the pups to reappear.

Mj Bradley
Senior Digital Ranger

Yay! 10 puppies!! Thank you for sharing! Great Video!

Camille Koertner

We were perched with worried anticipation! Happy Ending this time!!! We enjoy our daily viewing thanks to Londolozi’s amazing posts.

Mama Lioness
Senior Digital Ranger

Talk about a cliff hanger! The dread dropped to me stomach seeing the lions approach the den! What a relief to find that the pups were found safe! The music added joy at the end of the video.

Deb Kohlenstein

Oh wow!! The wild dogs have captured my heart. We are so bummed because we were supposed to be there this coming week. Thank you for helping us feel a bit connected. Thrilled to watch your videos weekly but especially this week. We look forward to our rescheduled trip in 2021. Stay well! All our best to your whole staff, particularly Cry, Kevin P. and Ray.

Mary Beth Wheeler
Guest contributor

Once again, a fabulous week! Look what we’re missing! Thank you for bringing the bush to us in the only way we can be there at the moment.

Judith Guffey
Digital Tracker

Happy for mama wild dog!

Marie Jarvis

That was amazing- thank you. Made me cry!!

Barbi Evenson
Senior Digital Ranger

Tears of joy are running down my face as I am watching the footage of the baby pups running out to their dad! This is going to be quite the emotional roller coaster ride. And there are 10 of them! Not to take away from what an amazing week you have all had.. The NEW lion brothers in town, the extraordinary Milky Way
Nights, leopard and baby, 10 baby wild dogs!
Thank you for the share…

Ana Komljenović
Senior Digital Ranger

Oh, my God. I don’t like those hyenas and lions. They’re terrible! they always find themselves where they don’t need to! I don’t think so. I actually think. They’re always where they don’t need to be, but it’s not that I don’t like them! I really thought we were out of puppies. But then, by renger’s eyes and a slight smile, I concluded that at least some of them survived. When they came out of the lair… When I counted 10 puppies… simply my eyes had let tears fall. I can imagine what it was like for you. I hope they move them to safety👍

Glorious ending indeed ! I nevertheless keep worrying about too many four-legged “people” knowing about the existence of such fragile little ones’ home…

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