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Rob Crankshaw joined the Londolozi family in early 2015 and, almost as soon as he arrived, was bitten by the photography bug. His alternative approach and different view on what constitutes an exciting photographic subject at Londolozi, along with his keen eye for ...

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on The Week in Pictures #440

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Master Tracker

Cracking photos , and as you say sometimes it’s the usual, though in all fairness it sometimes takes many trips to appreciate it

Loved the Turaco photo, good use of rule of thirds and unusual eye contact

Rob, your photos are stunning.

what a wonderful and diverse week of photos! I loved the « scenery » shots, the rocks in the river and the leopard walking off into the golden sunshine. The wart hog indeed has a face even a mother might have a bit of trouble loving, but they are always fun to see. the turaco is gorgeous, I don’t remember ever seeing one up close. last but least I always love seeing the wild dogs either at rest or on the hunt. Thankyou for a great beginning to the day. stay safe Victoria

Thoroughly enjoyed your photographic journey across Londolozi. Excellent work. And I personally prefer the sunrise over Plaque rock as the sun burst and reflections in the water are just first class. Thank you for sharing.

Digital Ranger

Rob, No need to choose between those river scenes, both are evocative and gorgeous, like everything you’ve shown.

Beautiful images as always. I love macro and landscape photography as well. To me it’s the ultimate in being present because the scene is always right there in front of you without you really having to search for it. You just have to train your brain to look and see it.

Fascinating photos! I am so used to concentrating on animals, I forget sometimes to capture the incredible scenery. As far as the Plaque Rock photos, I love them both. If I HAD to choose, I would take the sunrise photo over the pre-sunrise by a slim margin! Great job with the photos.

beautiful photos, you do an exceptional job

Senior Digital Ranger

Amazing pictures ! Thanks for sharing.

What a wonderful alternative to TWIP Rob, featuring macro and landscape images. I enjoy and practice both mediums and applaud your keen eye. I prefer your blue hour morning landscape over the sun-saturated version…. your kitchen counter frog shot is brilliant. In fact, each image you selected is my favorite! Thank you!!

Wow, those are some fantastic landscape images!!! I love the photos of the grass frog and the turaco too!

Dear Rob,
Regarding your two Plaque Rock pictures – they are both lovely in their own way. In the pre-sunrise picture, the green foliage in the foreground seems more vibrant and the still pool of water beautifully reflects the sky above. In the sunrise picture the foliage is more muted but the still pool of water seems to glow from within as it reflects the rising sun. Not sure I can pick a favorite. Thank you for sharing both!

Hi Rob, What a wonderful collection of pictures – I loved them all with the “fork in the road…” being my favourite. I preferred the pre-sunrise picture at Plaque Rock, but I would have been delighted to have taken either picture. Thanks for the different perspective.

I think the photo of Plaque Rock pre-sunrise is the most pleasing to the eye. It is restful and the colors are complimentary. The sunrise photo is more dramatic and encourages “participation”. Just a thought.

Loved the pre-sunrise blue hue!

Absolutely lovely photos! I like the sunrise photo – but it was incredibly difficult choosing between the two!

I can only hope to take photos that wonderful someday!

Absolutely stunning photography!! Congratulations!! Each picture is a masterpiece of its own.

Rob Excellent photos. The serenity of nature is captured. Thank you

Senior Digital Ranger

What a wonderful portfolio presentation Rob! The pictures of the rocks embedded within the Sand River are so sedate and calming. Likewise, the the picture of the overcast morning showing what I call “The God Rays” bestowing the landscape speaks for itself.
All in all, the there is something to be said for the intricate detail and colors within the moment of each picture. As much as I always seeing the life of the lions, .. the unique capture of the the Turaco is divinely excellent!

Love this blog, Rob! I always enjoy your macro photos like the jumping spider- what an amazing face! The misty morning pond is magical and the blue turaco made me smile! I’d love to see one. My vote on the plaque rock versions – the pinky blue!!

Rob, my daughter (Carol Redmond) is the Santa Barbara Channel Keeper, founded by Bobby Kennedy, JR.
I love all your pictures!

Senior Digital Ranger

Hay Rob! Definitely sunrise image! The sun’s vibrant colors make it alive. What wakes up a meditation on something good, something wonderful, something to look forward to, and it will be born in the day to come. That’s my opinion. By

Thanks Rob, you have a lovely perspective. I enjoyed the blue and purple colours of the Plaque Rock sunrise. The Sand River shot in front of Granite Camp is my favorite. So calming and serene.

Beautiful photos of the smaller creatures at Londolozi. Loved them!

Is it possible for me, an old non-traveler, to purchase copies of any photographs seen here on this fantastic BLOG???
Especially this week’s So. Tree Agama on a tree trunk, and an earlier shown “Tail on a tree limb”.

Thank you for any assistance and your time.
( I am new to computers and Londolozi = slow and uninformed )

Hi Donna,
Yes, many pics are available for purchase through our fine art website.
If there are any you like but can’t find there please fell free to mail me at blog@londolozi.co.za and I will be sure to upload them for you.
best regards

Welcome to TWIP Rob. Really enjoyed the variety of photos. Hope you are and Mands are well.

Thanks for a glorious portfolio! Your compositions and eye for detail are stunning! 🥂❤️

Loved the different views in this blog. My favorite is the wary hog!
Stay well.

Hey Rob, Great set of images! We loved the second sunrise shot at Plaque Rock. That’s one of our favorite sundowner stops! The Turaco shot is awesome too! Thanks!

Amazing shots, Rob. They were all fascinating and beautiful. On PR, both photos definitely! 🐾

I love the diversity of views and subjects in this set. Bravo Rob, your patience has paid handsomely!!

Senior Digital Ranger

Loved your photos again Rob – beautiful composition and colours.
Difficult to choose between the two stunning Plaque Rock pictures – maybe pre-sunrise by a whisker.

For me loving both animals and scenery (without people) these are incredible enjoyable photos, some of the scenery photos might just as well be paintings (in particular the S-bent road) for all the atmosphere they have captured; e.g. the pre-sunset and sunset photos of the same motif express totally different moods, so I would not be able to really say which one is best, it depends on what you feel like at the moment. The photos make me miss travel even more acutely.

Senior Digital Ranger

These photos are spectacular and as an avid wildlife photographer I really appreciated every one of these. My vote for pre-sunrise vs sunrise goes to sunrise.

Rob, all of your images are so well thought out and it’s very special to see them presented. Each is it’s own jewel.

Senior Digital Ranger

Just had a chance to do this blog post justice, and look through the shots in a bit of peace and quiet. You are correct that landscape photography doesn’t get its due, and perhaps there’s not a great appreciation of what it takes (conditions, position, composition) to get a “great” landscape shot. I agree, no need to pick between the pre-dawn and dawn shots of the river, both stunning. I might lean to the pre-dawn, bringing out the greens of the plants better. Great work!

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