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on Virtual Game Drives: The Week in Video #9

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Incredible video. Fantastic to see the puppies.

Absolutely beautiful those little dogs are

Fantastic…and thanx so much!

Incredible video! Loved the little puppies! How absolutely exciting!

The camera trap footage of the leopards was fantastic! I could also feel the excitement of the wild dog den discovery. I felt like I was right there with you.

I just don’t know where to start – you really have surpassed yourselves! Incredible footage, especially the drone pictures from above of the Ximungwe female climbing the tree, just astonishing. And as for the wild dog pups! Question for you James, think you were saying previously that wild dogs hadn’t denned on Londolozi before, but I saw a den of 6 pups in September ’14. They were about 3 months old and ran after us when we finally left them, an amazing sighting.

Well you’ve done it again! Another amazing virtual safari. Loved the Wild Dog footage that was epic ! Please keep the virtual safaris happening !!

Stellar week is an understatement! Totally worth watching several times, just to see the Ximungwe male stare at you and the first viewing of the little pups- so exciting 👏👏🐿

Senior Digital Ranger

Amazing footage of leopards and the wild dogs… and those babies!! Did I count 10? Sweet momma did a great job. Thank you for sharing this. It made my week for sure. Looove these videos! I know they are a great deal of work but it really brings you there. I never get tired of watching them over again.

Absolutely breath taking, the only thing that would have been better would be if I was there!

What an amazing video! Thank you for helping me to be be there vicariously. I miss Londolozi!

So wonderful! The dog pups made my day!

Thrilling video of the new puppies with the wiggling white-tipped tails! So sweet and so exciting to have them born on Londolozi. Looking forward to more images as they grow up!

An amazing journey. The wild dogs are so precious.

Every day is better when I can spend time with all of you at Londolozi. Mahalo for the videos.

Brilliant footage this week… breathtaking really!! Bravo!!

Another great video. Gosh, so special to see those puppies. Amazing. Thanks for keeping us all in touch.

When you said on a previous blog that the one-eared female wild dog was looking very pregnant, I didn’t realise she was THAT pregnant. So glad for you that the family choose your property to den in. I hope they stay put and don’t relocate to a neighbouring property which their range also encompasses.

what a great start to the week for me! so many wonderful moments, with the wild dog pups being the best. How many were there. thank you all for a great start to the week. wish we were there. stay safe Victoria

Amazing video!!! It’s really incredible to finally see that pair of wild dogs raising their pups on Londolozi!!! Lets hope that these pups do well!!

How many pups are there?

Hi James…I’ve just heard that the beautiful last Tsalala female has been attacked by the Kambula pride….very worried about her and her female cub…it was reported on Londolozi …. she’s loved by so many of us…can you please give me an update on her injuries if you have any info re her condition ….such awful news…many thanks James, take care, Pauli

Hi Pauli, we’re releasing a video update on our IG stories in the next few minutes, and on Facebook..
But she seemed fine.

Amazing video!! It was incredible to see the puppies! I wish I had been there!! Fantastic footage!
Bravo to all involved!

Really enjoy the virtual Safari’s. The pups of the one eared wild dog are mind lifting. For some reason I was unsure if the one eared female would find a mate

A really nice video safari James. You all had such incrediblesightings and, am sure the wild dog puppies topped the list. Am glad you still have your foot after that male leopard decided to check it out. This makes a nice change from the gloom and doom many around the world are suffering. I hope you all stay well and safe. Thank you for sharing with us. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

Fantastic video–loved the pups. Very exciting video from above as leopard climbed the tree!

Senior Digital Ranger

Wow, what a week! Those pups are truly something to treasure 🙂

This year we were lucky to see whole pack of the big ones. How cute to see their small ones! And so many..

Delighted to see the Wild Dog pups!!
Regarding the Male Leopards, they look evenly matched? Would they be 140/150lbs????

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