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on The Mystery of The Moving Elephant Skull: Part 2

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Fantastic to see thd elephant investigating the camera. Can’t wait for the final installment int mistery.

The plot thickens. About how much does that particular skull weigh?

Hi Chelsea,

A rough estimate would put it at about 20 kg now.

You definetely got lucky with those hyenas not destroying the camera!

Was it more than one elephant who was responsible?

That was our question too. More to come in the final part to the series.

Looking forward to it!

A wild guess here. Thinking the Elephants move the skull. Perhaps some tribute or ritual going on. Let’s find out

Pete, wonderful blog today, who is moving the skull?

Can’t stand the suspense!!!!

Can’t wait for the next installment. Please don’t keep us in suspense for too long.

Cannot wait!

Ahh, the plot thickens! I am anticipating a climatic finale to this mystery. Please hurry! ( I think it’s elephants…).

We won’t make you wait too long!

And the mystery continues…!!

cant wait!

Can’t wait to find out …seems elephants would be the only animal strong enough. The “why” of whatever is moving it would be interesting to speculate on as well.

Hi Kara,

The why is certainly one of the most interesting parts of this all. I touch on this in the 3rd and final instalment.

Senior Digital Ranger

Ahhh! The night of the “Who-dun-it” is coming closer to being revealed! Wadda ya bet it’s one of the pesky night creatures in action? .. (and btw, that capture of the elephant trunk is a hoot!) I’m looking forward to the next sequence!

It shall all be revealed soon!

Senior Digital Ranger

You have a real talent for suspense… you could be a screenwriter. I don’t think any blog post has ever gotten this many replies 🙂

Hi Johanna,

Thanks for the compliment. Although I do quite enjoy letting nature write the scripts out here!

Bravo, we love solving puzzles like this too! Good thing you have those infrared camera traps!

Hi Bob and Lucie,

Yes indeed – we have never in person seen anything investigating the skull. So the cameras are our only hope really.

So upi are lee[omg is om sis[emce {ete/ I would hazard a guess that it is the ellies as they usually mourn their dead as a group. Am sure the skull would be heavy, however, the hyaenas would likely be strong enough with a group of them. Can hardly wait to find out. Thanks for sharing with us – a really interesting and excitement packed blog. Be well and stay safe all of you at Londolozi.

Hi Leonie,

Yes, hyenas would definitely be strong enough to drag it a bit, but the frequency and distance that the skull has been moved is what made us suspect elephants in the first place too…

Thanks for responding Pete. Am dying to know what it is. Also, I wish to apologize for my gobbledy gook typing – thank goodness you understnd code. Actually, my vision is deteriorating and impossible to see my eye specialist right now due to the virus. Thanks again, be well and stay safe.

Can’t wait for the final episode. The daily posts keep my heart in the bush. Thanks.

Hi Di,

I’m glad that we are keeping you connected to the bush – that is our ultimate aim.

Well, guys, at least we know the Butler didn’t do it – this time. Far too heavy for a Butler to move…….. Wendy M

Or was it…?

Senior Digital Ranger

This is great! It’s like following a detective series… Who, what, motive?!! Maybe a rhino? He’s also strong enough

Hi Ana,

We didn’t think it would, but it certainly has turned into a detective type scenario…

Can hardly wait!!

Senior Digital Ranger

The plot thickens…

Looking forward to more on this one.

Senior Digital Ranger

the intrest on the skull by elephants & hyeana is intriguing.Both specie seem to effortlessly spot the camera as well which l find particularly baffling.

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