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on What Bird is This? #25

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Senior Digital Ranger

I think it is a Peregrine Falcon?? Hobby is a lot darker & will have left by now maybe?

If I look at the wing tips, can it be a vulture?

James, some kind of hawk?

James, Maybe Tawny Hawk

Black Harrier

This is a Black-chested Snake Eagle (Circaetus pectoralis). The brown upper, white underwing coverts with the secondaries having few black bars are diagnostic and separate it from a Martial Eagle

Beaudouins Snake Eagle

Tawny Eagle or Martial Eagle

Senior Digital Ranger

Great Horned Owl

Senior Digital Ranger

Is it an African Fish Eagle, James?

My guess would be an African Barred owlet as the size and color looks good and it is easily confused with the Pearl Spotted Owlet!! A wild guess though😂

Is it a Verreaux’s Eagle Owl?

No idea , but the wing shape and position are beautiful!

Possibly a Motagu’s or Pallid harrier, or an African hawk eagle.

I’m thinking juvenile goshawk?

Hi James,
Lockdown is making you mean! I am guessing that your two options are Lizard Buzzard and Gabar Goshawk, though size is not easily judged in the pic. The white rump is common to both but the distinctive feature is the white broad leading edge to the under wing with dotted thin stripes at the trailing edge which for me makes it a Lizard Buzzard. Also you described the bird as having been perched atop a tree, which again makes the LB more likely.

After looking at many bird photos, many not illustrating wing spread, I’m guessing it’s an Eagle- perhaps snake eagle or tawny eagle?

Hello James, I think it is an African Hawk Eagle, juvenile. It could also be an Wahlberg’s Eagle, juvenile but a go for African Hawk Eagle, juvenile. I think it it was difficult.

Snake eagle? Maybe brown snake eagle?

subadult female pallid harrier

Black-chested Snake Eagle.

Senior Digital Ranger

I’d go with black-chested snake eagle, given the barring on the wings and browny tinge to the body …

Black Chested Snake Eagle?

Hi James Immature Black-chested Snake Eagle.

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