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James had hardly touched a camera when he came to Londolozi, but his writing skills that complemented his Honours degree in Zoology meant that he was quickly snapped up by the Londolozi blog team. An environment rich in photographers helped him develop the ...

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on Virtual Game Drives: The Week in Video #8

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Incredible week. It was probably one of the best experiences with the wild dogs and hyena. Fantastic footage.

wow I wish I had been there! must be fun for you all to be able to follow the animals and not have to worry about passengers. thank you all. stay safe. Victoria

Absolutely amazing sighting of the wild dogs. Poor Hyena backed right up against the vehicle. Wow…. Very cool to see the leopards too, such beautiful animals. Great vid Londo, many thanks. 👍

How amazing to have the hyena and wild dogs interacting so close to you – thought the hyena was going to join you in the vehicle for a moment! Would the wild dogs ever actually kill a hyena or vice versa?

Fantastic video!! What an adventure!! I wish I could had been there! Amazing hunt! To all who was involved making it, Thank you!!

I love these videos………….. Thank you again!

Senior Digital Ranger

Wow this was an amazing virtual Game Drive, I am sure your “breakfast” was very delicious dinner & well deserved. I see that you don’t have Infrared on your cameras, but loved the drone footage. Thank you guys for your hard tracking efforts! Wow I thought the hyena was going to jump onto your wagon – wow wow wow Awesome Thanks again

Such a terrific week of sightings…..I have to say that the drone work with dogs and lions and hyenas really adds so much dimension to the visuals…..keep up the good work! Love James’ commentary too!

What a fantastic experience for you all. So many dogs and to be right in the middle of a tug of war between dogs and hyena. Am sure your hearts were pounding. thanks for sharing with us James. A nice distraction from the gloom and doom we are all going through. Take care all of you at Londolozi, be well and stay safe.

One of the best video blogs yet!!!! Definitely felt like we were there with you in the passenger seat! Why weren’t the dogs able to finish off the single hyena when they had him backed into the wheel well? They had him woefully outnumbered and “accessable” from three directions, plus he was trying to protect the food in his mouth?

Crazy footage of the Wild Dog/Hyena interaction !!!

That was amazing!

Senior Digital Ranger

Pure magic 🙂

What an exciting video. Finally I have been able to see the wild dogs of Londolozi. When I visited last year, James S. , Richard and I were always hoping to find them. We didn’t, though.
I think it’s a wonderful idea to make these videos so that we, the guests, can enjoy what’s going on at Londolozi though we can’t come yet.
Do you use drones for the filming from the air? It ‘s fantastic to see the area from above.
I wonder when the first planes to Jo’burg will leave from Zurich. And whether or not it will be possible to get to Londolozi then???

Hi Christa, we are also waiting for an update as to when international travel will resume. As soon as the skies are open you will definitely be able to fly to Johannesburg and then onwards to Londolozi.

Of course, also the video clips of the lions, the elephants and my beloved leopards were great! I wish I could be there.

Incredible footage! I watched the wild dog segment on Facebook yesterday and it is no less astonishing today!! Bravo!!

What an incredible footage of the fight with the pack vs. the one hyhena! My heart would be racing as well. Appreciate your determination to find where the roars were coming from….so frustrating. On the other hand the drone clearly shows the speed and instinctive pack runs these dogs make. They are amazing! One can understand why you like to work at Londolozi. Never a dull day!

Senior Digital Ranger

Another cool video

These virtual safaris are truly incredible!!!

Amazing drone footage of the dogs hunting!!! The best way to follow a wild dog hunt from start to finish is from the air!

And that wild dog/hyena interaction looked insane!!! I would love to one day see an interaction between those two species!

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