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on Birmingham Male and Tsalala Lioness Reunite

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This is great news Pete. It is wonderful that the Tsalala female and cub is doing well.

SOOOO exciting to know the Tsalala female is alive and well with her cub! In our last visit, this union was all the talk of Londoz. And we were witness to the other Birminghams with the Ntsevu pride as well, so this blog was a nice to read. Thank you again!

Digital Ranger

Thats really a great news, she is not alone anymore, and hopefully her cub will have better future now

Oh I’m so glad this male is still interested in her. With her losing two of the three cubs that she had she really needs to have more cubs to build up her pride. She is truly an amazing lioness to have to had endured all that she has.

Delightful to hear this

Pete, what a great find, Tsalala lioness and Birmingham Male!

There’s nothing quite like the roar of a lion, day or night. That deep guttural sound resonates into your being, conjuring up images of brother to brother or male to female communications. To be in the presence of a male lion roaring is on another plane- his massive head tilted back, mouth opening wide and then the low, deep sounds that seem to shake the vehicle, seemingly lasting for minutes. Thrilling to say the least!! Good to know Tsalala and her cub are thriving and still in contact with the Birmingham male who must likely fathered her cub.

Digital Ranger

Birmingham “Nhenha”. He is her father, otherwise he would have killed her ! 🙂

So glad to hear this! Nice shots! I especially loved the one of the three together with the male in the background! Perfect!

So nice to see he is still patrolling that part of the territory and glad the cub has exposure to an adult male. Pete, he is the male that mated with the Tsalala Lioness (or at least the one who was known to have mated with her) isn’t he? Also wonder how his brother would react or if he has contact with the cub and the female?

Sweet story, from the roaring to the tracking to the finding. So glad all’s welove with the Tsalala lioness and her cub…

So heartwarming to see that our courageous Tsalala and cub do have a male lion, a Birmingham one no less, compatibly watching over them since the female pride would not accept her. What a journey she has had….but so far, so good! Great images!

Senior Digital Ranger

What wonderful news! Mama lioness looks wonderful and healthy! I’m so glad to see her cub also alive and doing well! Seeing the three of them (papa Lion with Mama and cub) is such a lovely thing to see.
Thank you for this update, and as usual, LOVELY PICTURES!

Senior Digital Ranger

Thank you for the update on the Tsalala’s and Nhenha Birmingham.. I have followed the Tsalala Pride for many years and am always thrilled to see this lone survivor doing what they do best, surviving!

Pete, What a great story. How lucky for your guests that you found him with the Tsalala lioness and her cub. So happy there was no drama and we are sure it was a great send-off memory for your guests!

This news is tremendous; #TeamTsalala

Amazing news!! Glad to see the two Tsalala lions are doing well!!

Wish I could see a story of these beauties every day : )

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