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on Tsalala Lioness and Cub Still Alive and Well

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Everytime I see a post on social media about the Tsalala female my heart skip a beat. A person gets very involved in their lives and I am hoping they survive. It is great to see they are doing well.

Same response here!

James, I am all in with the Cub and Mom. So far she appears to be doing all the right things. I admit when I see a focus on these beautiful animals and their offspring I fear for them and the dangers they encounter. But also realize nature and fate have command of their course. I am content with this

Master Tracker

Fingers crossed, that pride comes over like a Greek Tragedy

It’s nice to see that they are both looking well.

James, We are praying for the cub of course. Having the male around will hopefully provide extra security too!

James, we saw one Birmingham Male we were there in 2018.
This is a wonderful story, I hope she can keep her cub alive🤗

Tough life out there for any cub or pup or calf, particularly with a single parent who is occasionally hunted herself.

Such a fantastic update James and here’s to hoping she centralizes her movements around the Sand River, which seems to be a safe haven for her. Has the Birmingham Male been seen with the lioness and the cub or just patrolling the area?

good luck

I hope and pray that this wonderful lioness is able to slowly build her pride!

Thanks for the update great to see

Senior Digital Ranger

James…how many of the original Birmingham boys are still left..as I recall there w originally 5 (4?). Jim

Only three left Jim, but one is on his last legs (although he’s been that way for awhile…)
Have a read here: https://blog.londolozi.com/2019/07/30/how-long-will-the-injured-birmingham-male-last/

Senior Digital Ranger

Good update..haven’t seen this since I started reading your reports only a couple of months ago. Seems like only yesterday the Birminghams came on the scene. We are beginning to put together the details for our next photo trip (month of May 2020) in TZ. All the usual NP’s and hoping for some migration at Grumeti or Mara in late May. Never know. Someday would like to visit Londolozi based on your reports..but hard to beat Serengeti Ndutu, et al., but know your leopard reputation is well deserved, as well as the reputation of the lodge and guide/trackers/team. Again, thanks, J

YEAH!!!!! Fingers crossed they both continue to stay alive. Victoria

Senior Digital Ranger

I hope that the name Tsalala will live on

We’re all hoping the same…

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