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Bruce worked at Londolozi from 2017 to 2020. He always had a passion for the bush and the outdoors, having been camping and fishing since he was a young boy. He attended school in the Natal midlands after which he moved down to ...

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on Update on the Mhangeni Pride

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Wonderful news that they returned. We were fortunate to view the pride, consisting of 4 lionesses, and the first litter of cubs, from which six are now the Ntsevu pride several times.

Bruce , enjoyed this story. I was thinking perhaps those Buffalo were particularly tasty so they followed after them out of their typical hunting grounds. Perhaps they needed the nourishment that a large Buffalo would provide at a critical time in their life cycle. Regardless I am happy to hear they are back “home” at Londolozi.

Bruce thanks for the update. At the moment how many cubs/offspring are with the 3 adult lionesses? And do you have an estimate as to how old the youngsters are?

Bruce, I think we saw them in 2018 – there were a few small cubs! There was a small leopard peering down at them, luckily he left before lions came.

The Othawa male is actually 4 yrs old and will be 5 in feb

Master Tracker

Also glad the Ottawa male has found a temporary home

Senior Digital Ranger

What an amazing compilation of pictures, complimenting an engaging story showing resolve and hope for the Mhangeni pride.

Senior Digital Ranger

Such a beautiful story of gratitude and love for these sentient and wonderful souls. Thank you!

The Ottawa male was born in 2015, so he is four years old, not seven years old.

Could you please tell me why the Mhangeni pride allowed other male lions in their pride but not one of their own, Big Boy? 💔💔💔

Super news Bruce! I first viewed this 16 strong pride in February, 2017- impressive is not a strong enough adjective to describe th encounter. Lately I’ve read news from SabiSabi that they’ve been spending time there with the Ottawa male. Seems they’re stretching their legs and boundaries in search of prime game…. skirting the territory occupied by the Ntsevu pride and Birmingham males. Thanks so much for the update and I hope you can continue to view these lovely ladies for days to come.

Do the Birmingham males allow the Ottawa male stay in their territory or does he stay out of their way?

Hi Bruce, great update on the original breakaway Pride from the Tsalala Pride! Was wondering if you have an exact age on the youngster of the Pride (the lone surviving cub sired by the Birminghams)? Also, do you have any idea as to what exactly happened to the fourth older lioness some time back?

How great that this magnificent group has returned. They would have been sorely missed. Victoria

I would imagine that the group merely left instinctively the Londolozi territory for easy food. So glad they are back and appear well and successfully hunting! Also happy there apparently wasn’t any conflict with another group whether inside or outside if Londolozi.

Great article, thanks. I’m intrigued as to when they haven’t had more Cubs for so long? Since the Othawa Male joined them they have had one litter which didn’t make it, but nothing since. Any thoughts as to why? Perhaps at only 4 years old and on his own the pride don’t feel secure with this big young Male?

Great stuff Bruce, but the age of Othawa Male is not correct, he is getting to 5 years old

Digital Ranger

Miss big boy so much

Senior Digital Ranger

Great story. It is nice to read that the Othawa male is doing well!

Out of curiosity, why did these lioness expel their 12 cubs? It seems to me that they are raising other cubs without any problem so, why did they simply abandon them and let them all die? I don’t buy the theory that there wasn’t enough food because it is known that lioness are good hunters. It just all doesn’t make any sense unless they were just bad moms.

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