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Gail “GG” Rush Gould is a world traveler, writer and a 2019 “Starling”. Londolozi was one of the most magical experiences ever!

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on Silence

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Incredible experience.

Early morning safaris are marvelous. You are right, the quiet except for the car engine allows you to really listen to everything that goes on as the bush wakes up. The surprise sightings add an extra bonus. We should all try to have that quiet and interesting time each day. Alas only available at Londolozi, not Winston Salem as the fire engines and rescue. Helicopters roar by and drown out the few birds that live in the trees near us. I suspect the world would be a better place if there were more early morning experiences like this. Victoria

Best place on earth

Gail – I love the silence of a game drive!
Even though it might be exciting to see lions.

We were in Londolozi in September of last year. It is very good to see the Sand River all greened up in what is your late spring. We’re days away from the first day of winter here in California.

Lovely experience!

Senior Digital Ranger

Beautiful, GG! Love this. You captured stillness perfectly.

Sounds like wonderful thing to do! One of the things I love about the bush is no light pollution and total silence .

Master Tracker

I do wish that some of the people I have travelled with would learn that silence is indeed golden

Digital Ranger

Oh, Gail, you make this adventure sound so appealing. I want to do this.

Your time at Londolozi was wonderful on many levels. Glad for you and the others. The light in these images were very special.

We had a similar but less formal experience with Sean when we were fortunate to be the only guests in the vehicle.
Focused on the sounds.

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