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on Young Giraffe is Lost to a Clan of Hyenas

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Hyenas are so cunning and swift. Mother giraffe could not have been that far away,

A very sad situation for the mother giraffe, I am absolutely convinced that animals mourn especially the loss of their young. A sad situation indeed but this is how it is in the wild.

It is so sad. We have seen this happen to Impala twice. Once in Kruger when vultures killed an Impala lamb and at Londolozi when the Tatowa female killed a lamb. The mothers stayd around for hours.

Pete, wonderful story. I never knew a giraffe would defend her calf!

A mother’s love knows no boundaries.

The sorry Maikes me sad

The story makes me sad

Nature has its ways and its own rules. Sad but also fascinating in the moment. I am wondering if there would have been anything a Mother could do when a pack of hyenas comes for the baby

Amazing the power of the clan when hunting and equally amazing the maternal instinct of the giraffe cow.

How tragic for the mother giraffe! I will never like hyenas! Bravo to the mother for her attempts to defend her lost calf. 😢 Victoria

I’ve always believed that animals instinctively protect and mourn. I’ve seen it too many times. I know it’s the way of survival of the strongest but nevertheless, it’s sad.

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