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James had hardly touched a camera when he came to Londolozi, but his writing skills that complemented his Honours degree in Zoology meant that he was quickly snapped up by the Londolozi blog team. An environment rich in photographers helped him develop the ...

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on The Primeval Appeal of the Campfire

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James, such a great story of fire

Absolutely nothing like it! We have some wonderful images of campfire evenings around our home. The stars always seem so close and brilliant.

I remember a boma at Londolozi Bush Camp in the early 80s like the one shown in this blog. It was fun to sit around the fire on a log.

Senior Digital Ranger

James, .. while this part of my comment might not be relevant to your blogged story,.. I just want you to know how inspiring you are to me!
I have returned to college 38 years later, as at present, I am taking my English 1110P Composition. – Right now, I’m working on doing my first “Literacy – Personal Narrative.” – For the record, there is not a day that goes by, that I can’t put my finger on your style of writing, yet what I can say, is that it is so fluid and enchanting and engaging! – I have even shared a couple of your blogs with my professor, to let her know that I want to be able to learn how to write the way you do!
You have that way of bringing the reader away from their “own environment,” that “transports them” to “Consciously travel” and be at Londolozi, and more so, not want to leave!

Your present story for the day is just so wonderful! You can actually feel the warmth of the campfire, smell the natural aroma of the bush amidst it being end of day, and here the stars twinkling above, whilst “being engrossed” in the camaraderie of the group sitting together to share their experiences and stories.
You writing brings joyful captivated tears, matched with ceaseless longing to come to Londolzi to experience the African wilderness, that even from a distance, feels like home.

A vast sky with a hand of friendship around a evening fire is quietly soulful.

Describing what fire brings to lives, now and past, is difficult but you have managed to bring feelings and memories to life in your prose. After a Boma evening in Londolozi, one leaves with not just the warmth of the fire but the carryover of friendship, camaraderie and a peacefulness.

Great blog James. It is just one of the best experiences out in the bush, lighting the camp fire. The smell of bushveld woid burning. The feeling of safety. The atmosphere. One if those priceless moments.

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