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on Anderson vs. Hosana Male Leopard

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Marinda Drake
Master Tracker

It is just getting more interesting. It will be great if Hosanna establish a territiry at Londolozi. Amazing video.


i wanted hosana to establish his territory to the north djuma wonder what pushing him to go south 🦁

Phil Schultz
Senior Digital Ranger

better food and water opportunities at Londo

Digital Ranger

I want him to come back to djuma but that was awesome. He becoming a big boy.

Lisa Vickers

So proud of Hosana. I just hopes he makes his way back to Djuma to establish a territory.

Joan Schmiidt
Master Tracker

James, loved the video!

Ian Hall
Master Tracker

Wowzer, and hyenas as well. What an excellent sighting.

Darlene Knott
Master Tracker

Wow, quite the confrontation! Loved this video! Thanks for sharing!

Vin Beni
Guest contributor

Great sighting Sean + fantastic video! Bravo!

Ivy Wilensky
Digital Ranger

Thanks for the explanation – I am a fan of both and glad neither leopard was injured in the altercation

Mj Bradley
Senior Digital Ranger

Ask Mr Anderson, if her would kindly send Hosana back North! I love both of these cats and would love to see Hosana settle at Londolozi if he can’t stay in the north. Of course I also don’t want Anderson to get older and have to relinquish territory. That being said maybe a smaller territory would be more manageable for him now.. Thank you for posting. Hosana is quite the character.

Marc Grawunder

Very interesting interaction between Anderson and young Hosana. Thx for sharing!

Doug Hammerich
Senior Digital Ranger

Very interesting how all the hyenas came running to the brawl. Maybe they thought there might be a kill to be had while the leopards were fighting?

Chris H

Wow! Hosana asserting himself! Be careful my boy and come back home soon!

Vanessa Dean

Wow…. amazing video!

Denise Vouri
Guest contributor

Fantastic video👏 Only time will tell if the younger rivals for territory will ultimately force the “old timers” into a substantially smaller habitat, leave or …..? The leopard dynamics are fascinating.
Has the Tsalala lioness been spotted recently with her last cub? So hoping this little one will survive!!

Mary Beth Wheeler
Guest contributor

Quite an exciting video. The leopard dynamics are clearly evolving but I’ll keep rooting for the old guy for awhile!

Earline Rochester
Digital Ranger

Love this! Love Hosana! Thanks for sharing!

Inge Manders

Wow Hossy…you are growing up and not that much smaller than massive Mr Anderson…thank you for the capture James…I wouldn’t have believed it…knowing about Anderson’s size and notoriety…I thought Hosana would have come a very, very second best…and very much injured….

Digital Ranger

That was today.

Randall Mattzela

James thanks for the video and update on the Leopards!! I have watched Hosanna since he was a cub to Karula!! Miss the Queen – Long live the Prince!!!

Callum Evans
Guest contributor

Unbelievable!!! I’m a little surprised that Hosana was able to get to the kill, given how the Anderson Male is bigger than he is.

Bob and Lucie Fjeldstad
Guest contributor

Very exciting video!!! Glad Sean (?) was able to capture it!!!!!

Michael Fleetwood
Digital Tracker

Hosana certainly, while smaller, felt he could have a go at Anderson. All part of growing up but the contrast between he and Thamba (who is now territorial on Singita at just over three-years old) in terms of their encounters with Anderson is quite something

Robin Gable

Ah, so that is what Hosana gets into when he is not at his childhood home at Sabi Sands. Has anyone heard him saw, yet?

Jason In

Oh wow! Hosana, Hosana, Hosana…. Silly move, Hosana. Anderson is a beast. Battle scarred but still a beast. I wonder if this will send Hosana back to Djuma… Or cause Anderson to move closer to Djuma… Interesting!

Jim Davis

Great video

Joanne Wadsworth Kelley
Master Tracker

This is a long and fascinating video! Just waiting for the inevitable clash between these two. Thankfully no one was really hurt after the tussle. Still cheering for old man Anderson. Those hyena’s are relentless!

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