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James had hardly touched a camera when he came to Londolozi, but his writing skills that complemented his Honours degree in Zoology meant that he was quickly snapped up by the Londolozi blog team. An environment rich in photographers helped him develop the ...

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on The Week in Pictures #392

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Stunning pics this week. Love the Mashaba female.

James I really enjoyed your picture this week. Especially the Mashaba female. I know we all hope she has more time remaining.

Beautiful shots for TWIP. I never thought I would see a wildebeest picture as beautiful, but that one with the soft background is! And the lioness taken in low light turned out great! The newer cameras definitely can handle a higher ISO. I enjoyed your post a lot. Thanks, James!

Hi James, does this mean you still believe the Ximungwe 2nd cub is still alive ?

Hi Mike,
I think so. At least I hope so. I don’t think she’s been seen for a few days but I believe tracks were found recently. I’ve been on leave but will try find out…

It seems like the quality of photography gets better and better!

James, has any of the trackers or rangers viewed the Hukumuri male leopard lately? I heard he has an injured eye, possibly permanently damaged.

Hi Chris,
We haven’t seen him ourselves in a few days but I did hear the reports about his eye, and have seen a couple of pics. It doesn’t look good for him, although if you remember we thought the Anderson male had also lost his eye last year, so let’s see how it plays out…

Great Pix as always, James. Your artistic eye continues to amaze. The two lionesses lit up by the fading sun, the low light picture of the lioness (incredibly sharp given iso6400 at 1/50) the closeup of the cape buffalo with the perfect focus on the ear, and the pastel lighting behind the wildebeest. It’s a good thing pictures are non caloric, or I would have gained 20 pounds just looking at them! Mike

Senior Digital Ranger

Thanks James. A most adorable baby Ele and other superb photos. Noticed the Nkoveni female has a wound on leg?

Senior Digital Ranger

Wonderful pictures James thank you. I heard on safari live that the Huk was in your neck of the woods & Hosana was back in Djuma ❤️

James, favorites this week are the baby elephant and buffalo

Wonderful array of images for the week, James. I see quite clearly that the Nkoveni female has a huge gaping leg injury, down to the muscle tissue, from some kind of altercation. Hope she heals well. I suppose we all need to be forewarned that Mashaba is aging. She is so beloved. Whenever her time comes there will true grief from a great many and I hope that will be a long time from now!

So glad you didn’t jinx the dogs’ possible den site by focusing on the other amazing animals seen in Londolozi. I enjoyed looking at each of them several times and although it’s difficult to choose favorites, the standouts are the closeup of the lioness as well as the framing of the baby elephant. The photo of the Mashaba female is a reminder of her age. I did notice the frayed tips of her ears and there almost seems to be a wistfulness in her expression…. there I go, imagining a human sign of feeling in her face. It does make one wonder!? I guess no signs of pregnancy to date.
This was an especially beautiful TWIP. thank you.

Awesome selection of photos James! Do you know if the Tsalala lioness and her cubs are alright? Also, has anyone managed to get a photo of the skittish male? Would be interested to see who he is!

Hi Michael,
Yup, Tsalala and cubs doing very well; they were viewed the day before yesterday.
I think a couple of guys have got photos of the skittish male. We’ll try put out a post on him in the next week or so. It’s presumed he came from the Kruger Park, which would account for his unrelaxed temperament.

Awesome, glad she’s managed to keep the cubs safe with the movements of the Ntsevu and Styx around where she was. And looking forward to the post about the skittish male as well. After Hukumuri’s journey, I now wonder just how far these skittish males that are seen travel

James, Thanks for the update. Hard to believe Mashaba is now the “old lady”!

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