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on Python Kills Monkey Then Gets Robbed by Hyenas

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Wow! Amazing sighting. Incredible video footage.

The video was something to see! Wow! While the snakes are incredible creatures, I am quite happy not to see one in person! ? Thanks for sharing the story and the video!

That’s something I never thought I’d see – or that even occurred to me I could see. I’m surprised they didn’t bite the python and chow down on it as well.

Now I’ve seen it all! Incredible footage by guest Wilhelm Weslau. Luck favored Fin and guests that day.

It’s amazing how the trackers and rangers frequently know exactly where yet another fantastic sight is to be found.

That is an incredible sighting! Must have been truly special to witness in person. That uncoil movement of the python was pretty cool to see!

Just as a side note. The African Rock Python (Python sebae) and the Southern African Rock Python (Python natalensis) are now two separate species. Until the reclassification Python natalensis was a subspecies of Python sebae but they are now recognised as two separate species. Only Python natalensis occurs in here in South Africa (its range does extend into southern Africa) whereas Python sebae occurs in central and west Africa.

Thanks so much Declan,
That’s my fault for not classifying properly!
Best regards

Absolutely incredible!!!! I’ve heard of two seperate occasions where a leopard robbed a python of its kill, but never heard of it happening with hyenas!! Ever the opportunists!!

That’s unbelievable- what a sighting!!

survival of the fittest, indeed !!!!

Wow! Something new every day.
Have not seen a python on any of our previous visits.

Thanks for the great sighting!!

Senior Digital Ranger

Wow what a sighting! My heart was in my mouth when I thought they would go for that awesome Python, but glad that it uncoiled. A relief as I love our African Rock Python. Thank you for the video & write up

Interesting story, unfortunately, the video refuses here……………….

Oh my goodness, I would have absolutely LOVED to have seen this sighting – fantastic footage James!

Hi Marianna,
Thank you but I can’t claim credit. It was our guest Wilhelm who took it.

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