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on Tsalala Lioness Flees from Birmingham Male

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Amazing interaction between the lions. Great news that the Tsalala lioness was not harmed. Are male lions slower than females, or has females got more stamina? Lovely blog Nick.

How great this must have been to be part of such excitement. I am glad to hear that this was about mating in the end and not the potential attack which was my initial worry as I began to read the story. Feels good to hear that some of the former inhabitants to Londolozi seem to be coming back. If I were a lion I would say “whats not to like”.

Do hope cubs appear after this encounter! She has been alone for a very long time ,,,, He is a magnificent looking chap! Wendy M

Oh so rooting for our girl to have cubs and thrive in her own pride!!

Very interesting encounter to watch, James. I thought I’d read that there was a strong possibility this Birmingham male had previously expressed interest and had possibily even mated with the Tsalala female? Now I read they were sited together a few hours later. I am hoping for Cubs as a way for her to find protection and acceptance. As to her running away and the hot pursuit that followed, he may have genuinely surprised her and she ran in real fear. But then again, females can be a bit cheeky…..lol.

I truly hope that she can be our hero and have cubs that survive so she can continue the Tsalala pride

Hoping for good news on the Tsalala front!

What a drive that must have been! Here’s hoping it wasn’t a “one night stand” for the pair and that the Tsalala Lioness could produce another litter. There can never be too many cubs!!???

These daily reports from Londolozi are something I look forward to each day. Through them, I vicariously can participate in the daily life of Londolozi. I was happy to see our erstwhile Tracker Ray mentioned. We enjoyed his services together with Ranger Kevin on all of our game drives.

Senior Digital Ranger

It will be awesome if the Tsalala pride expands again.

Incredible sighting!! Hope that she does mate with them!!

Senior Digital Ranger

I hope this will bring about the rebirth of the Tsalala Pride!

He is a beautiful young male. Does he have name yet?

Hi Tina, we just differentiate between the males based on their physical appearance, eg the male with the lighter mane. I believe the coalition have been named as individuals but I don’t know what their names are.

Thanks for the replys to all my questions James! I wish I could be there in person to see everything you see. Your pictures make me feel as if I am!

Digital Ranger

Your blog was very interesting to read as lions very much intrigue every time when we think we know them well. It is indeed very difficult to comprehend what is going on in lions world, therefore your detail analysis about the male and female interaction is amazing to say the least. The Birmingham male looks to be in top condition and the result of union between him and the Tsalala female would certainly a thing to look forward. Thanks to londolozi rangers for publishing such lovely blogs time and again.

I was wondering if thete is any news of Mfumo? I saw something about him I would just like to confirm it.

Hi Tina.
Who is Mfumo?

The one Birmingham boy who is missing?

Ah, thank you.
No News on him at the moment…

Thanks for getting back to me James!

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