on Lions Help Find Londolozi’s Rarest Kingfisher

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That’s absolutely incredible, I’ve never heard of one being seen in Londolozi or Mala Mala!!

I have been lucky enough to see these birds on the Vaal River, Wilderness and most recently in Nature’s Valley. It really is a special moment when you see one!

Amazing, once in a lifetime sighting Byron. Very special.

Not only were you able to see this amazing bird, but you took THE best images of it was well! Incredibly happy for you!

I saw the photo and immediately thought ‘malachite kingfisher’. After I read through your story and looked at the photo more carefully, I could see the differences. What a treat for you and your guests. I love it when a guide, who has seen so many species and so many interactions, still gets excited! Don’t ever lose that. May you see many more of the world’s beautiful birds in the future! Thanks for sharing your photos!

Beautiful birds are one of the best sightings at Londolozi. Colors are amazing

Wow, what a sighting! Lucky you!!

I, too, thought I was looking at a Malachite Kingfisher. But when I read your article, I looked more carefully and could see my error. Thanks for the great images, Byron!

Senior Digital Ranger

after a lot of safari’s the attention goes to birds , so many species and colours !

Beautiful bird. Bluer than the kingfishers we have in California, and those I have seen in Borneo.

Amazing sighting! You must have binoculars for eyes to spot this Kingfisher, albeit it’s very colorful. The red feet, rust and blue feathers and that intense malachite blue head. I freely admit that birds are not at the top of my viewing list, but that may be because I’m not experienced in identifying them, nor do I own a really long lens for capturing them. I do appreciate their beauty and hope during my next trip, I become a better birder! By the way, pangolins and honey badgers are on my bucket list as well!???

Wow! That’s so beautiful – we’ve only ever seen this bird at the Walter Sisulu Botanical Garden ??

Senior Digital Ranger

Nice blog Byron! Glad you are doing well and finding your customers new and interesting things. Hope to see you on drive again soon.

Amazing. Well done Byron Serrao. Was Judas with you? Nevertheless, we can never take the bush for granted. Thanks for sharing.

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