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on Mhangeni Pride Update: Will We Be Seeing More Lions Soon?

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The picture of the three cubs lying in a row is stunning. It is good news that the Mhangene pride is seen in Londolozi. Hopefully they will settle around the river with the cubs. We were fortunate to see one of the pregnant lionesses on an evening gamedrive about two weeks ago.

Very happy to hear that the lionesses and cubs are currently thriving and am wishing them all a safe and healthy future! Pete your images are all extraordinary and one couldn’t have planned the triple line-up of the cubs waiting for mom any better! Perfectly spaced. Looking forward to future images!

This is wonderful news indeed Pete and I absolutely love the picture of the 3 cubs in the road ??

Thanks again for these daily updates. It’s been a few weeks since I was at Londolozi and I miss it.

Excellent article, almost as good as being there. When we arrived in Sabi Sand in early March, we came across a very large group of young lions, many of whom were thin. They were hanging around the road and the adjacent field. I am wondering if this was part of the Mangheni who were pushed away? I think we discussed this but I don’t recall.
Very exciting times at Londolozi in the beautiful spring!

Hi Peggy!

Yes that would have been the Mhangeni sub-adults when they were still hanging around together and had not been fragmented as they are today.



You have some wonderful images here Pete, especially the cub line up! It’s good to know the Mhagene pride is producing once again and that there should be several little ones to view come mid-November. I was fortunate to watch this pride of 16 strong in February 2017 in Singita. The sheer number of moms and cubs was overwhelming needless to say- couldn’t adjust settings fast enough for their descent around our vehicle. No matter as it was fun to watch the playful antics of all those youngsters. Wishing you all many more sightings and that the cubs remain free from danger vv

I wonder: Why is this young male so undernourished? Is he not part of the pride any more?

Hi Christa,

Yes, he has been pushed out of the pride.

Pete, Thanks for the update. We love seeing the maps when they are shared. It is exciting to see new cubs always and it is always our hope to see them thrive. Would the young male following them consider harming the cubs or would he just be looking for food?

Hi Michael and Terri,

I personally don’t think that the young male would attack the other cubs just yet, as he is still quite young. In a few years when he starts reaching sexual maturity, then I would say it is more likely. I think the youngster is just looking for security from the pride in terms of food and safety.

Senior Digital Ranger

Two of the male sub-adults were seen around the Nkuhuma Pride on the 27th or 28th of this month. The one looked rather sad as he has a bad case of mange. I thought maybe they were chased out of the pride as they were not fathered by the Birminghams and would probably be safer on their own. I hope these two young males can find a way to make it though the next couple of years, and that the 2 females find a home back with the pride.

Wonderful story and photos, Pete. But that photo of the young, emaciated male was very painful to see. Part of nature, yes, but heartbreaking for animal lovers, nonetheless. Thanks for sharing the good and the bad, Pete.

Hi Pete. Loved the pic of the Mom on her back with her 4 cubs at the Milk Bar! As you say – difficult to see the young male lion looking so miserably thin. Let’s hope he will be able to scrounge / catch small meals to keep him alive until the rains come and things improve all around. In Jhb here last Friday night we had our first decent thunder storm and today everything looks wonderfully clean and washed and plants are already looking a lot better and starting to flower. Quite amazing how quickly Nature responds to water. Wendy M

Hi Wendy,

That’s great news that you have already received the first rains in Joburg. The trees are starting to grow their leaves already here. It’s a matter of time now…

Thoroughly informative, Pete. I feel fully caught up on the pride. Lovely photos too.

Really enjoyed this presentation

Amazing! This is really good news, looking forward to seeing more of these little guys in the future!

Awesome pictures. Thanks fo sharing these beautiful stories.

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