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on Matimba Males Return

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I was surprised to read awhile ago that the Matimbas have been seen in the south of the reserve. I actually saw reports of them dying. Interesting times ahead.

I just wanted to let you know that the Matimbas do have cubs in the Northern Sabi Sands. They even have a young male by the name of Junior who found himself a Buddy and are now up near Orpen gate. Most of their surviving cubs come from the Nkuhuma and Torchwood prides, as I do not believe any of the cubs from the Styx survived the take over.

Hi Lyss,

That’s very useful information, thanks for sharing. As I said I don’t know much of their history from before they came to Londolozi, but presumed they had offspring from that era.

Hello James, how are you? Thanks for one more great article, thanks for this great news! Matimbas are legends too. Nice to see them well. I have some questions:
1- Dark Mane (Majingis) has been found dead or he is presumed dead?
2- The Tribute to the majingis will be a video or an article? (I’m already anxious to know more, sorry rs)
3- How far are the BBoys? Do you see a clash between them and the Matimbas?


Hi Thiago,
1 – Dark Mane Majingi is presumed dead. Last seen just E of the Londolozi boundary in Mala Mala and looking in terrible condition.
2 – The tribute will be an article with some photo highlights.
3 – The Birmingham males are occupying the eastern and central areas of Londolozi, while the Matimba males are far west in the reserve, so no I don’t think there will be a clash anytime soon…


You may blame matimbas for not being good dads in the past 3 years or so but you can take nothing away from them that these are the only Matimbas alive now. They have fought to be alive. They are great survivals after all. I don’t think their reign in West will last long. They will fall sooner than expected. They are not young and they are not in the same physical condition they were a year ago.

These two Matimbas along with Northern Matimbas sired cubs with Numerous prides. Talamati, Torchwood, Nkhuma, Mbiri, etc. All reached adulthood. They failed with Styx and Tsalala prides.

Senior Digital Ranger

Thank you for the update.. I have been a fan of these two Matimba males for a long time.. Their son “Junior” is the son of the Matimba’s and the Nkuhuma Pride.. He was chased out of the north when the Birmingham’s moved in. He is big like his fathers and quite the handsome boy.

Digital Ranger

Hi James, this seem surreal news to me, as recently as few weeks ago had seen their photos in which they looked thin and in very bad shape with injuries on their back. Nevertheless it is incredible indeed that these stalwarts have occupied vacant space in western sabisands left by the powerful and legendary Magingilanes…. very interesting times are ahead, thanks for your timely blog.

Great reading be interesting to see how the male dynamics play out..can I ask why males in coalitions are’nt collared ??

Aha, so the Matimbas have made their move. It seems that interesting times are ahead within the Londolozi borders, and that between them and the B boys, many cubs could be on the horizon.

The Mhagene females are numerous and seem to roam between Singita, Londolozi and Mala Mala, so perhaps they will become part of this new dynamic. Exciting times ahead.

I’m looking forward to the Majingilane tribute. By now, Dark Mane has joined his brothers- what an amazing coalition!!

New players in the recent Londolozi Lion Saga. Didn’t consider these two males until as potential benefactors of the death of the Majingilane, but I’d like to see them establish a further genetic legacy.

Senior Digital Ranger

Those handsome lions know there is no place like home, especially when home is Londolozi!

It’s fantastic that these boys have found a place to settle down but can’t see it for long unless the BBoys decide to stop expanding their territories and prides. How much push back can these old boys give if a younger and/or a larger coalition comes in. The 3 northern Avocas may travel down as their confidence grows and don’t find it wise to challenge the BBoys for Djuma as they are now starting to do.

These lions will become a dominant force for sure.

Hi James,could you describe how big the Hairy bellied Matumba male was compared to other males?

James has left Londolozi. I never had the chance of seeing Matimba Males while they were in their prime, but I believe he was a large male, a bit bigger than the others around here.

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