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Born in Boksburg , grew up in Benoni matriculated at Benoni High , went to Medical School at Wits.Married for 50 years.I am now a retired cardiologist and practised for 45 years .My love for the bush first started after a Standard 5 ...

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on Photo Journal: A Look at Tony Goldman’s Best Photographs

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Liam Donnelly

Really lovely pictures, fantastic clarity and composition! Thanks for sharing them.

If Tutlwa does have cubs again who do you guys think the father is as she mated with the Gowrie male shortly after she lost her last cubs which was around 3-4 months ago so if hes the father and the fact that he is most likely dead those cubs will be in danger unless she mated with Robsons as well cant remember if she did.

Stunning images

Jeff Rodgers

Tony Goldman has a career as a wildlife photographer. The images are absolutely stunning.

Master Tracker

Stunning bird photos in particular. Well done

Barbara Lewitt

“Phantastic Photos ! Really among the best posted by a guest. Obviously ….a very talented photographer with a great “eye .”

Senior Digital Ranger

Stunning pictures Tony! I particularly love the one of the Vulture, the detail of his feathers is amazing. Thank you for sharing, but we want more 🙂 please??

Mark Staudt

Well done! Stunning.

I LOVE the superb photos by Anthony Goldman, and the captions beneath are both educational and delightful. Thank you for so many gorgeous contributions, Anthony.

Jill Grady

Spectacular images Tony…all really beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing them with us!

Claire-M. Lepage

Anthony Goldman, I take this occasion to ask you if there will be soon a book of your birds published. Your birds are so beautiful that they are more than photos for me. They are “live”. I hope you understand what I mean.

You have already given me photos of “my” Léopards that are very important for me.

But your birds! Your skill at photographing birds is giving so much pleasure to my eyes.

Thank you!

What a beautiful collection of photographs!

Thanks very much everyone for the kind comments and hopefully more to come next year 🙂

Maureen Howard

Such stunning clarity and pics Tony. Thank you for sharing.

Great photos as always -like the zebra/redbilled oxpecker

Beautiful photos, each one.

Great photos Tony, would be most interested to know what equipment and especially what lenses you have used?!!


Stunning , all of them , The best and only way to make a good name for youre self is to shoot with youre camera , you have done that , so well . and you should be very proud to share them ,,, simply stunning ,

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