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Mashaba 3:3 Female

Mashaba 3:3 Female

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Xinkhova 2:2 Female

Xinkhova 2:2 Female

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Ximungwe 5:3 Female

Ximungwe 5:3 Female

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Senegal Bush 3:3 Male

Senegal Bush 3:3 Male

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Nick has always loved the outdoors and never turns down an opportunity for an adventure. After finishing high school in Johannesburg, where he grew up, Nick spent a gap year in the Zimbabwean bushveld which truly sparked his love for wildlife and conservation ...

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on The Week In Pictures #637

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Wonderful pictures as always so difficult to pick up one. The African Monarch Butterfly is my favourite, as you don’t see it often and it is exquisitely perfect in its beauty. The Mashaba female is a great return, finally . Elated to see her still in good condition. All big cats, elephants, zebras birds are really superb. I don’t understand what’s so exciting in watching animals dying tore apart by predators. Life is life and death is death, that’s all. We were preys as well, as all larger predators would make a feast on us too, perhaps this is the shiver we look in that. Luckily among most sought-after animals, including 3 out of the big 5, are not predators, this means that life is fascinating in all its aspects

Hi Francesca, thank you for the comment and I’m thrilled you enjoyed the African Monarch butterfly image.

I understand for some people it is hard to watch the circle of life layout before their eyes especially when a pack of wild dogs are on the hunt. I prefer the thrill of pursuing the Wild dogs on a hunt as an exciting adventure trying to keep up with their incredibly swift and energetic hunting tactics.

Hi Nick, my sister’s favourite image is the Senegal Bush male. He’s iconic indeed. I have nothing against hunting, it’s nature. But our excitement is likely due to the fact that other preys die instead of us. The same happens with car accidents. You say “wow, it’s not me!”. I prefer our fauna anyway, wolves to wild dogs although I do like all sorts of foxes and cats big or small. I find their hunts more interesting from a behavioural point of view they are more refined and very intelligent in my opinion. They are the top predators, like lions in Africa….

Senior Digital Ranger

My favorite is the zebra in the orange/gold hew of the evening.

Thanks Sandra – The golden light is spectacular

Outstanding pictures this week Nick. We especially liked the one of Xinkhova and the White-fronted bee-eater.
Richard and Fiona

Hello Rich and Fiona! Thanks for the comment and I’m glad you enjoyed the pictures. The Bee-eater was a challenging shot to get!

Wow! What a collection! From the baboon on his perch to the Martial Eagle in flight, to the perching bee-eater to the dreamy Ximungwe Female, to the dazzle of zebras glowing in the light of the setting sun – and the African Monarch butterflies – are they endangered like the North American Monarchs are?

Thanks Michael. Yes. while they are an endangered butterfly species, we are fortunate enough to see them often during the summer months.

fantastic images Nick. Love the leopards and the kingfisher! I noticed you are often at quite high ISOs, are you using some noise reduction software to limit the grain? thanks!

Hi Neil, Thanks for the comment. I haven’t used any noise reduction software for these images as I am using a mirrorless camera which produces very sharp images even with an ISO that’s over 2000. I like to shoot in Manual to ensure I have a fast enough shutter speed and often compensate the High shutter speed with greater ISO. Hope this helps.

OK that’s pretty impressive. I recently switched to mirrorless as well (Sony A7 IV) and will experiment with this. Hoping to get back to the bush later this year. BTW met your parents at Pafuri a few years back!

Another great TWIP Nick, bravo!! So many wonderful images to choose from, and many saved. But the opening image of the astonishingly beautiful Xinkhova takes the cake for me this week, quickly followed by the gorgeous image of the African Monarch butterfly!

Thanks very much Paul. I’m fond of the Xinkhova Female image.

Senior Digital Ranger

Ah Nick, superb images. Simply not possible to choose a favourite. Delighted however to see Mashaba looking so healthy, we’ve been blessed to see her so many times over the years. Thank you for another splendid TWIP.

Thanks for the comment Jane!

Hi Nick, oh forsure the beautiful Xinkhova female foto is my favorite for this week. What a stunning leopardess she is. Loved the foto of the Ximungwe female lying by the Tamboti tree, she looks so relaxed. Good to Mashaba female again. The Ntsevu male with his enormous head is just stunning.

Thanks Valmai!

Nick, wonderful shots of the cats and elephants this week however, my favorite is the picture of the African Monarch butterfly. It is well framed and focused just right . Thank you for sharing this week.

Thanks William. The African Monarch is a beautiful butterfly.

Fantastic photos, Nick! I think all of them are wonderful. Ma favorites are probably the one of the monarch butterfly and the white fronted bee-eater, and the dazzle of zebras in that golden light. So beautiful.
Great, that you also managed to get a photo of the Mashaba female, which shows that she is still alive and in fine shape.

Thanks Christa. It was particularly good to see the Mashaba Female again and she gave us a great sighting.

Love them all, Nick. If I can only choose one I’m voting for the white-fronted bee -eater landing in the tree – fabulous!

Thanks Suzanne.

You’ve given us many stand-out photos this week Nick, but a few were highlights for me. Firstly, the Martial Eagle in flight is a stunning capture of this fierce looking raptor; secondly, the portrait of the Ntsevu Breakaway male gives us a good look at one of the rising stars (and most likely sired by a Birmingham male, so strength and resilience in his genes); and lastly the look of wariness in the face of the Ximungwe female, resting after her drink. Thanks for sharing your images!

Thank you, Denise. Yes the Ntsevu Male is an offspring of the Birmingham Coalition.

Beautiful shots this week, in particular the martial eagle. @Kelsey Clark – where was this eagle back in late December 2023??!!

Thanks Simon!

The Xinkhova Female looking right at you with her primly crossed paws has got to the pic of the week but then the very regal Ntsevu Male in the sunlight is stunning! Love all the birds this week…in amazing flight no less! The bull ellie and the baboon very special too. Glad to see more wild dogs…the one animal we didn’t get to see on our safari. Fantastic week Nick! Thank you!

Thank you Anita. I’m thrilled you enjoyed the TWIP

Hey Nick! We miss you guys! So great to “see” you on the blog. Your images are beautiful and there is so much variety that it’s hard to pick one. Of course we are always excited to see our Mashaba! Our favorite shot is of the Martial Eagle – it is spectacular!

Thanks very much Michael and Terri! It was so good to see Mashaba again. She looks healthy and I thought of you guys in the sighting. Hopefully see you guys soon.

Wow – a truly fabulous collection – the lighting in so many is just spectacular.
I have to say I really was struck by the picture of the baboon – there was so much character caught in that photo, such serious contemplation on the face – the pose is absolutely perfect. The full facial photos of the two female leopards are absolutely beautiful. You captured the magnificence of the Martial Eagle – so powerful!
Stunning collection – thank you!

Thank you for the comment Kylea! Baboons are the most fascinating creatures to spend time with. Its like looking in a mirror sometimes as their characteristics are so similar to humans! They can be truly entertaining.

I’m glad you enjoyed the photos.

The Martial Eagle Photos my favourite among all the spectacular photos!

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