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James started his guiding career at the world-renowned Phinda Game Reserve, spending four years learning about and showing guests the wonder of the incredibly rich biodiversity that the Maputaland area of South Africa has to offer. Having always wanted to guide in the ...

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on Why Do Zebras Fight?

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Wow, James, what an incredible sighting. And your photos are stunning. I have never seen such a long and hard fight as you have just witnessed. Nature is really amazing with these animals fighting for dominance.
By the way, if the intruder had won, would he have killed any of the foals?

Good to hear from you again James.
Our first encounter with dueling zebras was incredibly loud.

Hi James, zebras are so charmingly beautiful and strong, agile, they remind wild horses also when fighting. There is a famous migration in Kalahari, very hard for them. Adult members are real heroes when it comes to defend youngsters. So amazing images, all grades of aggressiveness well displayed and more and more violent as the fight becomes more serious. Superb!

Senior Digital Ranger

good stuff…while my photo trips are to Tanzania, one day I hope to visit L. Keep it up. Jim

This gets my pulse rising just thinking about it. I’ve seen wild horses do this in the States, and some of my own domestic horses get into little tizzy fits on occasion, but a full blown battle of zebra stallions would be quite intense. I think people often forget how powerful and vicious they can be when needed. Glad neither was seriously injured.

I have heard in the past that zebras along with hippos and other African herbivores are very hostile.

No wonder in the violent habitat where they live.

Thank you James for this fascinating blog about the Zebra’s and their behaviors.

A great visual blog! James, by what age is seen as mature and kick out to fend for himself or with other males?

Wow James, incredible sighting, and I must have been a thrilling and emotionally charged experience!!

James, this is fantastic reporting and imagery of the interaction between two male zebras – one fighting to maintain his dominance over his harem and the other looking for a weak spot to dethrone his nemesis. I’ve never seen this degree of fighting between zebras, and as I viewed each of your images, you provided me with a front row experience. I’ll be looking forward to seeing more blogs and images from you in the near future!

An exciting sighting, James! Wonderful to see these zebra males “in action,” rather just their rumps as they graze

James, It’s so great to see a blog from you and we hope you are doing well. Your images of the battle are amazing and we added one to our favorites! We will see you again in August and can’t wait to return!

Wonderful foto’s James and glad to see the stallion did not loose his tail. Nature is hard and cruel for dominance. But that is nature in raw.

Senior Digital Ranger

What a spectacle that would have been. Great insight into zebra behaviours. Just fascinating. Thanks James

Yowzer – that looked intense! I’m sure it was an interesting bit to watch – maybe some video at the end of the week?

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