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Awesome pics. Beautiful images of the Nanga cubs. Love the photos of the reflections in the water.

Well done Lucien, a great week in pictures. Love the cub photos, the civet and all the birds!

Martin Foster

Lovely pictures – Thank you!

Every rhino picture fills my heart with love!
Thank you.

Brian C

The Lilac Breasted Roller & Saddle Bill are lovely (the colors!). But the small Nanga cubs are my favorite for this week in pictures. Nice to see the Nanga female doing well and raising another litter.

Senior Digital Ranger

Thank you Lucien. Your pictures are stunning, especially the Nanga & her cubs, but the reflection of the croc is quite amazing, it was obviously a very still day that there is not a ripple. Have a lovely weekend

S.w. Tsang

Love all your pictures of the family of leopards. Poor leopardess loosing her hard earned mail to those eating machines & food thieves to the leopards, cheetahs & even lions !

OMG – Lucien, the leopard cubs are ADORABLE!!! Your reflection photos are amazing as well! Thanks for sharing and big hugs to Nadia!

I love leopard cubs!!!!! Thanks Lucien

Jill Grady

Beautiful photos Lucien! I especially love the leopard cubs, they’re so sweet!

Lynn Rattray

Thanks so much for the pics of the beautiful Nanga cubs! Mom is an incredibly gorgeous, relaxed and nurturing mother. I hope both of these cubs make it to independence. Have there been any sightings of the older Nanga cub? Can anyone explain why he was forced into independence so early? It was early, right? I so wish I could see these babies and Mom in person! Keep the pics coming!

Brian C

The Nanga female holds territory north of Londolozi as well. She is known as Moya up north. In a June 2014 rangers report:

“Talking about nomadic life, we have seen Moya’s little male cub again this month and by the looks of things he is doing really well for himself and he is looking good. Moya was also seen this month and she also looks great.”

The Gowrie male and Maliliwane female can be seen further north sometimes and are known there as Lamula and Kwatile respectively. Multiple names makes it a challenge to follow certain leopards!

Hope it is ok to provide a link:


Londolozi has best, most comprehensive blog with the most stunning photos and information. But sometimes there is good supplemental info on a few of the other Sabi Sands web sites. Most of the other reserves provide info on a weekly or monthly basis (if at all), not daily. I really appreciate all who take the time to share their photos and experiences of the amazing wildlife.

Amazing pics Lucian, liove the reflections and the cubs are amazing. We are with you guys in 4 weeks and can’t wait….

Lynn Rattray

Thanks so much Brian for providing such a good update on the Nanga female and independent cub! Does the cub yet have a name, so I can follow if mentioned? Do we know why he was forced to independence so soon? Because of the new cubs?

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