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on Finding Leopards On Chillier Mornings

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It is interesting how animals adjust their behavior to the seasons. Thank you for the information and the beautiful pictures of Londolozi’s leopards in winter.

Thanks for the lovely photos of these great cats, Megan and the article on their behavior during the colder months.

Leopards are my favorite cat and hope to one day see them much closer. Their metabolism is fast, so more opportunity to see leopards in the cold weather as they hunt more often. Beautiful foto’s of the leopards you posted.

Every article especially on leopards is welcomed! The last picture of the Senegal Bush male in the golden light and vegetation is mesmerising

I’ve not traveled in the winter months, so addressing the movement of predators such as leopards is interesting. I tend to think that due to their thick coats, their movements are not affected by weather, save for massive rainstorms, so hunting is subject to skill and opportunity in finding prey. Perhaps, like humans, leopards are more active in cold weather to keep warm and provide energy.

Oh my……that last photo is fabulous!

Lovely images of the leopards of Londolozi in winter light Megan!!

Thanks Megan for some gorgeous photos, especially that last one.

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