With the dawn of a new year, the Londolozi 2020 vision is starting to gain some promising positive momentum. This shift in gears is a result of a collision of three key Londolozi family members. Maureen Groch, better known to many as Gogo Mo, has undoubtedly had an impact on the new force behind this positive flow of energy. Her experience and heart has inspired the resilient guidance and leadership of Jessica MacLarty, an ex-ranger who now sees her days up in the Londolozi village working towards a community driven by a greater love, harmony and consciousness that can serve as an example of what South Africa and the world can be.


A group of Londolozi staff gather to paint houses together in the village. This is just one of the many initiatives associated with the 2020 vision.

On Tuesday, 26 January, Jess and her 2020 vision team organised a visit from a local optometry team. They spent the day conducting eye tests for all staff free of charge. It was only, however, when Spook Sithole, a Londolozi elder, showed his support that other staff members began to arrive. The turn out was inspiring! All generations were seen staring into retinal cameras and trying on optical trial lenses. The entire Londolozi tracker team as well as the Tracker Academy group went to have their eye-tested – 20/20 vision all-round we will have you know.


A Londolozi elder, Spook Sithole, leads from the front by coming to get his eyes tested at a free optometry check up held recently.

Spook worked at Londolozi in the early days and now leaves his legacy through his sons, Cry, Rob and Robbie Sithole, all of whom visited the optometrist after their father. Thank you Spook for supporting the Londolozi 2020 vision of unity and self-betterment. Thank you most of all, for taking time to look after yourself by realizing that personal health and health education is vital to the care of our community and country as a whole.


Londolozi staff gather in the Ubuntu hut in their bright yellow 2020 vision vests. The vision aims to not only better the village environment aesthetically but to create a more unified spirit; one driven by love, harmony and a greater consciousness.

The combination of Gogo Mo’s community-based wisdom, Jess’s energised leadership and Spook’s blessing, has lead to a propulsion of our 2020 vision. Harvesting this energy, we look forward to many more great achievements in 2016. 

Written by Tammy Surtees, Londolozi Assistant Operations Manager

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