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Senegal Bush 3:3 Male

Senegal Bush 3:3 Male

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Three Rivers 2:2 Female

Three Rivers 2:2 Female

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Nkoveni 2:2 Female

Nkoveni 2:2 Female

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Plaque Rock 3:3 Female

Plaque Rock 3:3 Female

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Kangela Male

Kangela Male

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Reece Biehler

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Reece was born and raised in Johannesburg where from a young age he nurtured his love for the African Bush through countless holidays to the Kruger National Park. It was here where he found his 'happy place' and it would only be a ...

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on The Week In Pictures #653

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Great pictures this week Reece. My favorite is the Nkoveni female and her cub in the tamboti tree with her kill.

Thank you William. It was such a powerful moment to capture!

I love all your photos, Reece, they are fantastic.
Actually I prefer the golden light on the golden coat of the Three Rivers Female. But from the photographic point of view, the black and white is stunning.
Nice, to see the Senegal bush Male again. And the youngsters, the leopard and lion cubs and the hyena’s pup are so cute.

Thank you very much Christa! It’s always difficult to choose a favourite when the animals are as gorgeous as they are!

Reece, Thanks for the wonderful TWIP! Our favorite is the 5 Rhinos lined up perfectly – really rare shot!

Hi Michael and Terri. Thank you, it was an incredibly special sighting!

So, the prehistoric fellows sucked me in. The five(!) rhinos and the causeway crocodile are my top two.

Hi Willa, thank you very much! I think that seems to be the common trend in the comments! It was such a special sighting. The situation makes it difficult not to choose it as the favourite from the collection!

Thanks for a great TWIP Reece – how lucky were you to see a crash of 5 rhinos together like that! My favourite shot this week has to be Nkoveni with a cub in the tree. I so hope she and her 2 cubs are still around when I come back in early November, but this week’s shocking news about Plaque Rock shows we can take nothing for granted. Cubs dying is unfortunately common, but their mother….?
Oh, and I much prefer the colour version of 3 Rivers. I feel leopards have such beautiful coats that black and white images don’t do justice to them.

Hi Suzanne. Thank you very much! We were very lucky indeed.
The Nkoveni Female has been doing such an incredible job raising them thus far so I’m feeling optimistic and holding thumbs for you!
Such unfortunate news about the Plaque Rock female, but nature is nature I guess.

Goodness Reece, I cannot choose a favorite. I love the variety this week. The line up of rhinos was certainly unusual. And as I was scrolling down, the buffalo bull was not the animal I expected to see on the causeway, so that was a nice surprise. I love the giraffe calf, the crocodile and what was likely one of the last photos of the Plaque Rock female. All the babies featured brought a little light to my heart. Thank you for sharing this collection!

Hi Chelsea, thank you very much! I am so delighted that you enjoyed the collection! We were truly spoilt with our sightings which makes choosing a favourite that much more tricky!

What a stunning sunset, those colours are absolutely stunning. I love the colour foto of the Three Rivers female, but the B/W is also beautiful. My favorite for this week is the foto of the five white rhinos drinking water. That is an exceptionally good foto. Off course the Nkoveni and her cubs brings joy to my heart, especially after the tragic death of the Plague rock female and gorgeous little cub. Wonderful foto’s this week, thank you Reece.

Hi Valmai. Thank you very much, we have been so fortunate with all our sightings and I also found it very difficult to choose a favourite!

Hi, I find those pictures really charming and interesting. Leopards above all; it’s a bittersweet feeling, given what happened to the Plaque Rock Female and her cub. The Three River Female, the Nkoveni Female and the Nkoveni Female with her cubs are also stunning, of course the cubs are adorable and irresistible! The owl is great, a fantastic picture, it made me smile together with the baby giraffe and the chamaleon, the lion and leopard cubs too of course. I like also in particular the photos of the old buffalo, it is rare and has an atmosphere. And, of course, the closing one… rhinos are rare, how did you happen to find them together?

Hi Francesca! Thank you very much, I am so glad you enjoyed this TWIP. We were spoilt with many magical moments! Bittersweet indeed but it just shows us how nothing can be taken for granted out here!
We were incredibly lucky with our rhino sighting but perhaps just happened to be in the right place at the right time!

So sad about the Plaque Rock female and her cub. The Ndzhenga males are starting to remind me of people!

Hi Michael. Indeed very unfortunate news of the Plaque Rock Female’s passing. However, it’s a privilege to be able to witness just how raw and unforgiving nature can be!

Fantastic pics this week Reece. The hungry croc is a good capture as well as the 5 rhino at the water’s edge. I can never see too many leopards and your images this week didn’t disappoint, especially the photo of Plaque Rock draped regally over the branch. It appears the dwarf mongoose came up for a quick look, but was almost invisible save for his pink nose – great sighting.

Thank you very much Denise! I am thrilled that you enjoyed this TWIP!

Master Tracker

The Rhino photo is amazing, note how some have had their horns removed. Today a photo came to me of the Kenyan Wildlife Service , darting a mature bull elephant of around forty five years to remove his tusks , to prevent him falling foul of poaching gangs

Hi Ian! Thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed the pictures. Yes indeed, we started dehorning about 2 years ago and it has so far been very successful.

Five rhinos drinking side-by-side?! Gets my vote for #1!

Thank you Mary Beth! It truly makes it difficult to beat!

please make beautiful tribute to our queen plaque rock female ❤️ the sun is set but plaque rock female will shine forever ❤️ RIP MY FAVOURITE LEOPARD

Hi Justine! She truly was a stunning leopard! A stark reminder of the harsh, unforgiving nature of the bush!

FIVE rhinos! Amazing shot! And gorgeous sunset to close out another fabulous WIP 👍🏽

Hi Anita! Thank you. The rhinos seem to be everyone’s favourite this week!

Phenomenal set of images Reece! How many hyena dens have you all been able to view and are they all in the same area of the reserve?

Hi Michael. Thank you very much!
We currently have 3 known den sites that are scattered around the property! There will be an update on this in the coming weeks!

Great set of images Reece! What great viewing you all have enjoyed.

Are the hyena dens all in the same area or are they scattered?

I am so glad you enjoyed this TWIP Michael! He have been truly fortunate!
They are scattered around the property.

That photo of the rhinos drinking is INCREDIBLE! Wow!
And missing Plaque Rock female after her untimely death….what a terrible loss.

Thank you Lisa! It was an incredibly special moment that I’ve dreamed about for long!
Such unfortunate news however, it’s a privilege to witness just how raw nature can be!

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