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Dan developed his love for the African bush whilst growing up on a family run farm in the Kwa-Zulu Natal midlands. Growing up in the bushveld he was surrounded by wildlife and finds his passion in what nature has to offer. After completing ...

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on Time At The Causeway

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Senior Digital Ranger

Otters are cute little critters to watch them.

Where there’s water there’s life… and so, from algae and plants to their predators, hippos, antelopes and fish. Fish in turns are predated by crocodiles and other animals… water and plants attract insects, and so many colourful birds arrive… antelopes are followed by lions, leopards, hyenas, wild dogs… but otter, they are the ultimate fish hunters, so incredibly funny with their play and clever solution to smash mussels or else. Life burst in and near water. I am over the hills for those entertaining pictures of otters, they are among my favourite animals in the world. They seem to live for fun…Thank you

Thanks Dan, I abssolutely love spending time at the causeway – it’s my no1 favourite place in Londolozi! I’ve never been lucky enough to see any of the cats there, but I was treated to an amazing full-on fight between 2 huge bull hippos witha spectacular sunset behind them. But there’s always something to see there, whether big or little.

Dan, thank you for the lovely trip over the causeway today.

The Causeway is one of my favorite places on the Londolozi property. I can happily sit and just watch and watch! Fun blog, Robbie!

Hi Dan, there seems to be a lot of different animals using the causeway crossing, not only for living in the water, but for getting a cross to the other side. The birds are catching fish to eat and the otters as well. Cross are waiting for the best opportunity to catch an appropriate kill. But the hippos, that is there home and guard that with their life.

Great photos, Dan! The causeway is indeed a place where one can spend a lot of time because there are so many different animals to be seen there. The otters must be an especially great attraction.

Thanks for highlighting the Causeway Dan, my favorite place to stop and watch whatever happens to be visible. I experienced many first sightings here but I’ll never forget Kirst treating me to one last round trip across the Causeway at the end of our night drive, to top off my week’s amazing stay. The fireflies were everywhere spreading their magic for another perfect day.

I could spend a whole day there and never be bored.

So many wonderful pictures with water and animals, thanks

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