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Nkoveni 2:2 Female

Nkoveni 2:2 Female

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Three Rivers 2:2 Female

Three Rivers 2:2 Female

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Nick has always loved the outdoors and never turns down an opportunity for an adventure. After finishing high school in Johannesburg, where he grew up, Nick spent a gap year in the Zimbabwean bushveld which truly sparked his love for wildlife and conservation ...

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on The Week In Pictures #652

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At first glance the opposing size difference between the terrapin and baby crocodile had me confused. No, it’s not an elephant sized terrapin, it’s a baby crocodile 😂. That was fun to see. Lovely photos of all the cubs. I’m glad they all appear to be thriving.

Thanks Chelseas! I was also shocked to see the tiny crocodile next to the Terrapin.

The leopard and lion cubs are just adorable, Nick. I love alle these cub photos and am really looking forward to meeting all these youngsters soon. Relatively soon, can’t wait.
Having said that, all your photos are great. very special the one of the turtle with the baby crocodile. As tiny babies even crocodiles look nice.

I recall fondly seeing waterbuck when I was at Londolozi, but never such a large herd. Is that common?

This was by far the largest herd I have witnessed during my time at Londolozi.

Great photos! All in such beautiful sun and colors! The Terrapin and baby croc looks like a trick photo! But I love this the most: ‘However, he was in no mood to make way for us so we drove off the road and allowed him to walk down the road.’ 😉 Cheers to the weekend!

Thanks Anita! I thought the same when I was capturing the moment. Very interesting to see a small crocodile happy sharing a rock with a terrapin !

Nick, not sure I have a favorite this week. Several pictures caught my eye. The eagle owl was beautifully framed a night and the elephant bull walking straight for the land rover and not giving way the road. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks William!

Hi Nick, very unusual to see baby croc and terrapin lying together on a rock. My favorite this week is the waterbuck foto. They look so lovely and warm with their long hair. I loved Nkoveni’s cubs, they are so cute and growing by the day.

Well, hands down the photo of the group is the terrapin with the unusually visaged baby crocodile.

Thanks very much Willa

Love all these photos Nick. Give my best to Kate!

Thanks Marcy! She sends her regards back to you!

Many compliments, one picture after the other they deserve an award! As always cubs are unbeatable, both leopards and lions, the little lion looking at its mum’s tail and the delightful young leopard poser are my first choice. After the cubs I think the Great Heron and the elephant bull, and, of course, the curious baby crocodile and the terrapin laying together!

As usual, great week of images Nick. Difficult to select favorites but, your portraits of Nkoveni and Three Rivers females are terrific. On the cuteness scale, love the photo of the Kambula cub on his back staring at his mom’s tail in addition to the Nkoveni cubs. Love your zebra photo as well as you captured its eye perfectly.

Thank you, Denise.

Lovely TWIP Nick, thank you. I especially loved the ones of Nkoveni and her surviving cubs – would they be about 6 months old now?

Thank you, Suzanne. Nkoveni’s Cubs are just over 6 months old.

Master Tracker

Cracking pictures as always.

Thank you, Ian.

As usual , lovely photos ¡ Thank you.

Thanks James!

Lovely and diverse TWIP Nick!!

Thanks Paul!

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