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Kyle was born and raised in the Eastern Highlands of Zimbabwe. His childhood was spent scurrying barefooted along the banks of various rivers and dams, fishing rod ever-in-hand, enjoying the beauty and freedom of outdoors. Kyle obtained a degree in construction from UCT ...

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on The Week In Pictures #651

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I love your photos, Kyle. Another great collection of week in pictures. My favourite one this week is the great picture of the ground horn bills; It‘s rare that one sees them so clearly and the red and black colouring is so beautiful in this photo.

Great pictures this week Kyle. My favorite is the crocodile’s eye.

Stunning photos, Kyle – thank you.
Although I’m thrilled to hear about Ndzanzeni’s cub(s) I shall make a conscious effort not to get too excited…..given that she hasn’t brought a cub to independence since Tortoise Pan, and I think he’s 8 now.

Fun photos this week, Kyle. Always love the leopards – and the news that Ndandzeni has cubs – but the zebra stripes really appeal to me!

I know you loved the “deep greens” in the picture of the bee eaters, but I found the colors and lighting in all of the pictures just magical! Thank you!

Great images this week Kyle, and glad to see some fabulous close-ups, especially the zebra detail. That should be printed and displayed. Exciting news about Ndzanzeni – it has been awhile since we’ve seen her and now, cubs! In looking at your closeup of Nkoveni’s cub, I noticed she still has blue eyes. I would have thought they’d have changed by now. The little rhino and Steenbok photos are also favorites. Like you, I love using my 70-200,2.8mm lens for the flexibility I have and find I use it twice as much as my 100-400,4.5mm-6.3. Big weight difference as well.

Such stunning images Kyle and I love the background of your being so hazy, both in photography. The leopard cubs are so cute, steenbok super cute. Your image of the white fronted bee-eaters is absolutely astounding Kyle, those blue hues are beautiful.

Senior Digital Ranger

You not only hit a home run with the photos this week Kyle…I call it a Grand Slam!!!!

Great TWIP Kyle! So much variety in terms of subject and composition. I think my favorite might just be the one you titled “Patterns,” of the zebra. Just stunning!!

LOVE the B&W zebra, and lions at the pan drinking, and especially the croc using the 600! What a piece of glass that is! What’s it weight in at on the 850 in lbs? Excellent work!!!

Great photos, Kyle! They make me feel like I’m still there!

All pictures are superb and it’s impossible to choose one. My sister ‘s choice is the opening one, the Ndzenga male showing his teeth. Really a fantastic photo! I am caught by the little leopardess looking upwards. Also the rhino cub is super. All cubs are a favourite subject, and the steenbok looks like a calf too. I am over the moon for the Ndzanzeni female! She deserves a full litter to grow, and the royal family to continue! So exciting

Great shots, Kyle! It looks like two of the Mngenhi lionesses are quite thin. Have they still been struggling hunting? The caption says they had a zebra kill so curious.

Kyle, fantastic set of images!! We loved the captions too!

Lovely details! Two of the Mhangheni Lionesses are looking rather thin. Are they the older two?

Kyle, these photos are absolutely stunning. Thank you for sharing them with us.

Kyle, great photos thanks for keeping us in touch with the magic of Londolozi.

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