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on The Tsalala Female Has Cubs!

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Senior Digital Ranger

What wonderful news, she’s my favorite lioness. I find my thoughts always thinking of how’s she’s doing all alone. What delightful news I hope, pray and wish all her little ones make it to adulthood

It really is such fantastic news. I hope that she manages to raise these cubs successfully.

TAMMY . I AM SO HAPPY I HAVE ALWAYS LOVED THE TSALALA PRIDE for this one to survive is a dream come true!!! Now Cubs!!!!!!! Praying for all of them!!!!!!!!

Such exciting news. I’ve been hoping to hear this news for a while now. Let’s pray that this amazing female will manage to raise her cubs in safety, to extend this wonderful story of resilience and determination. Can’t wait for more news!!!!

It really is such exciting news, Jos. We are thrilled to hear that she finally has cubs.


what wonderful news. she has demonstrated such strength and courage to live her solo life. look forward to hearing more news and success of her cubs.

She is a great looking lioness. I like the photo of her looking up at something.

Whenever I look into her face,I see her father the Birmingham male Nhena. Really hope this is the start of a renewal for one of the great Sabi Sands prefixes. We need the Tsalala pride thriving again.

I agree. Hopefully, this is the beginning of a return of the Tsalala Pride.

Sean-1st I love the drives w/You!!!!! I have been checking daily to hear of my girl!!!! yes My Girl!! I started back in 2011 watching the Djuma drives wit Marc, Tara & Seb!!! So my first LIONS were The Tsalalas!!!!!! The old tailess was called BeBe, So this girl here to me is Very Special and means soo much to me!!!! My PRAYERS are for the SURVIVAL of Mom and All Cubs!!!! Thanking You for making my day with this GREAT NEWS!!!! Can’t wait to see them!!!!!

Looking forward to following her and her new family. Thank you for this amazing update!

You are most welcome. We look forward to sharing more news as soon as we get it.

Digital Ranger

This is a huge bright spot in my day! Wishing her continued success! Thank you for giving such joyous news!

We are all so happy.

She’s one of the most beautiful lioness I’ve ever seen, not difficult as coming from the Birmingham males, she has so much to communicate in her eyes… as lions are so social animals, this journey will be a double challenge for her. Generation after genration of single lionesses, if this unfortunate but also interesting situation may become a new sort of lion culture…

She is a stunning lioness and has the world rooting for her.

Senior Digital Ranger

Although we searched for this elusive and heroic lioness last summer she remained hidden. But she remains in our hearts always and with this most wonderful news of cubs we hope she is no longer alone!!!

She can be rather elusive at times.

Wonderful news. Always my thought are of her solo life, especially as the other lions have such strong family bonds. Everything crossed for her future

We are so pleased to share this amazing news with everyone.

This is so exciting!! ❤️

It really is so exciting.

Terrific news, thank you Sean. As you say, it will be a struggle for her without a pride to help her, especially as a 1st time mother.

It is going to be a struggle but one that I think she is capable of handling.

Absolutely thrilled to get such good new!
I know she will be a great mother to her new cubs with so much love to give. To know she is not alone anymore just makes my heart so happy. I know she has a long road ahead but god willing She will raise her cubs to independence!
Can’t wait for more good news!

It is such fantastic news and we are so excited to know that she is now a mother.

This is indeed fantastic news!!
She is such a brave lioness, having to overcome so many hurdles. I do hope that she will succeed in bringing up her cubs. I am so looking forward to seeing her and watching her and the cubs in a few months time. Just great!

We hope to be able to see these cubs at some point in the future.

Oh joy!! We remember her brave mother and grandmother and hope that she has the strength- and luck – it will take to raise her cubs to adulthood. No more lonely days !!

It is such amazing news. We hope that she is able to raise them successfully.

Hi Sean, that is fantastic news about the Tsalala female having cubs. She has gone through so much, just like her mother being alone and raising the Tsalala all by herself. I really do hope she can raise them all to adulthood. She has a special place in my heart and she is my favorite lioness.

It is great news. I think she has a special place in so many peoples’ hearts.

Words can’t express my joy and excitement to learn Tsalala has given birth! Given her history of being raised by a single mom, she knows the strength and resilience it will take to raise her cubs without support, save for some protection from the Plains Camp males. Hopefully you will be able to cross into the neighboring property, with whom you have limited reciprocity, to see her with her cubs. Although it would have been perfect for her to give birth in her usual habitat, it’s smart and clever of her to be away from the Ntsevu’s, Kambulas and Ndhzengas so that she has some protection. I can hardly wait for the next update, hopefully positive, and accompanied by images of little cubs.

It is so exciting and we cannot wait to be able to give another update.

Great news the Tsalala pride were the first big cats I ever saw at londolozi in my first visit in 2008. They have thus always been special and have followed all the breakways and the plight of her late mom and now really hope she is successful in raising more Tsalala lionesses to boost and restore the Tsalala pride which has a special place in Londlozi lore ! I would love to see the new ones in October !

The Tsalala Pride have really been through it all and I am so glad you have been along for the journey.


I think a lot of people have been waiting for this news. At this stage we know very little apart from the fact that she has given birth. We don’t know how many or how old they are, but just that the Tsalala Female was seen with sucklemarks. We presume the Plains Camp Males are the fathers.

Is it known if both PCM mated with her? I remember seeing a video of the bigger of the brothers mating, but never saw her with the smaller brother, which made me worried that the cubs might not be accepted by both males, something that may have happened with Tsalala’s Manghene aunt, when they were together back in the day, only the smaller PCM was seen mating with her, and the litter of 3 cubs never survived long enough to be introduced to the pride.

Of course I don’t know if that was the reason why that litter was lost, but it makes me worried about the current Tsalala cubs.

It is not know for certain whether both brothers mated with her. I will try find out if the smaller brother mated. One hopes that she mated with both and I am sure she would have tried to.

Senior Digital Ranger

This is just the best news, she is an amazing lioness and my favourite. I can’t wait to see her cubs. I have everything crossed for her and her cubs, praying that they all thrive and her pride grows.

I also cannot wait to see the cubs.

If she’s got any ounce of her mother and great-grandmother (the original tailless lioness), she will be just fine 🙂 Here’s to hoping she can replicate what the Southern Pride lioness has done further south

Let’s hope that she is able to raise these cubs successfully. As soon as any further updates come through I will be sure to let you know.

Senior Digital Ranger

From recent pictures I was sure she was pregnant. I was so pleased to hear that she’d giving birth a few weeks ago. I’m praying she can raise each and every one of her cubs to independence. I understand this will be an extreme challenge, but her mother taught her so well. And if any animal needs a break, it is the Tsalala female. She deserves good fortune. I’m praying for her and her new family.

Lets hope that she is successful with this litter, it was time that she had some good luck.

Fantastic news Sean! Fingers crossed that you get to see the new family soon!

Senior Digital Ranger

Wonderful, fantastic news! I hope they do well and that they are all females!

I hope that they do well, too.

YESSSSSSSSS! You go girl!!! (At the risk of anthropomorphizing her!!!) This is really great news Sean, and my strongest wishes for her success as a mother!!

It is the best news and we are so excited to find out that she is now a mother.

This is such wonderful news! I literally gasped when I opened the email.

It is such exciting news.

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