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on The Tsalala Female Lion: A Tale of Anticipation and Hope

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Absolutely fantastic news.
I’ve been waiting for an update, so, this is so exciting.
I’ve been following her story since the early days, and, she has such a special spot in my hart.
I’m hoping, that, she’ll have her litter and manages to lead her cubs to adulthood.
Can’t wait for a next update about this amazing female

I really hope that she is pregnant and has her cubs soon.

I hope she makes it. I saw her and her siblings on my visit in 2019. They were very little then.

I hope so too. She would have been a tiny little cub back then.

Digital Ranger

Thanks for the update, Sean! I look forward to updates on her! I first met her as a cub and have followed her story since.

We are all anxiously waiting for the news of her having cubs. Hopefully, it comes soon.

Senior Digital Ranger

My most favorite of all the big cats. I admire her so much at times I think if I was there she’d let me pet her and be her friend 😜. I do know this is not true but it’s a happy thought for me when it comes to tsalala lioness

She is a lot of people’s favourites.

Fantastic photos of a fantastic lioness!
I do hope that she will have cubs and – even more important- will be able to bring them up in a pretty dangerous environment, dangerous for herself and her cubs.

Yes, indeed. I guess having the cubs is the first challenge and then keeping them alive is the next part.

Senior Digital Ranger

My Favorite and Regal Lioness! Let’s hope she conceives and enjoys some lively company in her solitary life!!

I really hope that she has some cubs soon and that she can raise them successfully.

My fingers and toes are crossed that she is pregnant and will soon be joined by little cubs. She deserves some company and some love!

I think everyone feels the same way, Mary Beth.

Paws crossed for her! Sean, would this be her 1st pregnancy as far as you’re aware?

Yes, this will be her first pregnancy.

Hi Sean, that will be wonderful if the Tsalala female is pregnant. She has had such a hard time reaching till this point. Yes living as illusive just like the leopards do. She will be phenomenal mother and I really do hope that she is pregnant and have the cubs there in a den where her grandmother had her mother. Thanks for the update on the Tsalala female.

It will be amazing if she is pregnant and gives birth soon. We are all hoping that she gives birth and uses the same den as her mother.

Curious to know. Do lions have difficulty conceiving (like us humans when one go doesn’t mean a pregnancy)? What you write leads me to believe multiple upon multiple of tries are not necessary for conception.

Thanks for asking, so how it works for most felines, lions and leopards in particular, when the female comes into heat/oestrus she will seek out a male. Dues to her hormones and pheromones the male detects that she is in heat. The begin mating and will do so on average every 20 minutes or so for four to five days. This multiple copulations then induce the female to ovulate (release the eggs), normally on about day three of mating. This is where hopefully she conceives. Often the first mating bout can be unsuccessful. So we are hoping that she is pregnant now either from her first session with the Skorro Breakaway Male or with the Plains Camp Males after that.

It’s safe to say I’m speaking for everyone when I say we’re all awaiting any news of future Tsalala cubs! I can’t wait for her to become a mother.

It is certainly safe to say that everyone is waiting for that day.

A question Sean: as she is solitary currently, if she does give birth, what are her chances of successfully raising her cubs alone? Would the Skorro Male protect her and the cubs assuming they are his offspring (even if not)? It would be so beautiful for her to no longer be alone.

Her chances are probably a little lower than if she was in a pride with other females to help in caring for the young and procuring food, but that being said, her mother successfully raised her to independence all by herself. The Skorro Breakaway Male would most likely protect the cubs as would the Plains Camp Males as they have all mated with her. A tactic utilised by most feline females, seek out and mate with as many of the dominant males in an area to ensure they have a vested interest in the resulting offspring.

She’s one of the most beautiful and charming, awesome lionesses I’ve ever seen… what a suspence! She may be pregnant, and if yes, of whom? Fate is odd… the Plain Camp males who likely killed her mother might be the fathers of her offspring. If the Tsalala legacy disappeared that would be a tragic loss, hopefully this will go on under the protection of the father/fathers…

She is a stunning lioness. The wild works in mysterious ways, as you say, it was the Plains Camp Males that killed her mother, and now could very likely become the fathers of her offspring.

She is definitely a very special lioness. If she has cubs will either of the males she mating with start hanging out with her to protect their own?

She is a special lioness indeed. So, it is unlikely that they will spend the whole time together, but they will certainly cross paths often enough. I think the majority of the protection comes from just the presence of the male in the overall area and keeping other rivals out.

The Tsalala female is a wonderful story. I hope she survives and is able to raise a litter. It would be a real triumph for her.

I really hope so too.

Senior Digital Ranger

I love hearing updates on this beautiful lioness, she is definitely an incredible girl. I hope all goes well for her and any cubs she produces. Fingers crossed.

The Tsalala Female has stolen many people’s hearts. Let’s hope that she is pregnant and has some cubs soon.

Sean, We were privileged to see her in August and she looked great. We were also hoping she would connect with SkorroBreakaway Male! Fingers crossed that he is the Dad!

Let’s hope that she is indeed pregnant. I guess only time will tell.

Anticipation reigns supreme in the case of the beloved Tsalala lioness, that she is indeed pregnant and will give birth soon. Her story is epic and for those who have observed her and her family, or just kept up with her blog, she has a fan club that rivals any of the other pride lionesses. No matter the father, I am truly hoping that she will give birth to a litter and experience the love that was given to her by her mother, raising her as a single mom and teaching her how to survive in an environment that could potentially destroy her. I for one will be waiting for great news in the next few weeks. Thanks for the update Sean.

Senior Digital Ranger

She’s a formidable lioness. Her mother taught her very well. Praying that she builds a pride of her female offspring so she is never alone again, and she reaches a fair old age. I also hope her cubs are fathered by the young Skorro male, but that she benefits from the protection of the other dominant males in the areas she traverses. She, more than most, deserves good fortune.

Thanks for this great update Sean!! I’ve been a fan of the Tsalala female lioness since her cub days!! And I hope she’s pregnant with from the mating with that rascal the Skorro male!!

Lets hope so, It would be amazing if she could successfully raise a litter of cubs.

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