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Makhotini 3:3 Male

Makhotini 3:3 Male

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Kigelia 3:3 Female

Kigelia 3:3 Female

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Robbie developed a passion for the African bush from many visits to his family’s small holding in a greater conservancy just outside Johannesburg. Living in the big city his whole life, he always found refuge in the outdoors and has grown to appreciate ...

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on A Magical Sighting of the Kigelia Female Leopard’s Cubs

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Senior Digital Ranger

I’m grateful to have seen the photos and videos of these adorable cubs and parents to. I can’t imagine how I’d feel to see them live, overwhelmed I’m sure. Thank you

These cubs are so beautiful, as is their mother. How great that you have cubs in the far south of Londolozi as well. I am looking forward to hearing more about them.
Great photos, Robbie

Robbie, What a great find and beautiful images! We continue to be amazed at how many leopards live in or near Londolozi!

Beautiful sighting Rob and Trevor! Thanks for sharing it

I have to say, Robbie and Trevor, that this blog made my entire week. Kudos to Eagle-eyed Trevor! I first saw Kigelia walking a drainage line with her mother, Little Bush, in Sabi Sabi. It was only my second leopard sighting ever, the first being my all time favorite Little Bush, drinking water during a night drive. Since then, I’ve followed Kigelia with special interest, and was so lucky to see her with Jacana and Tsatsumi as cubs, again in Sabi Sabi, in 2022. I am elated that, given how are far you and Trevor traveled. you found her newest litter. The images are pure magic!!

Absolutely gorgeous, thank you Robbie. How old do you think they are? – 2-3 months maybe as their eyes are still blue?
I remember Kigelia’s father well, but have never heard of the Little Bush female before – whereabouts is she from?

Robert, what a fantastic video of the cubs, thank you for sharing.


How fantastic! A diverse blood line with a delightful name, not to mention the mother ‘s name, a very important tree with nutritious fruits and beautiful flowers! The pictures and the video are a real treat! One cub looks dominant on the other, but maybe the other one just wanted to rest…

What an exciting, fun sighting!! I’m jealous from afar! Those young blue eyes are captivating!

This was a magical sighting indeed! It’s exciting to learn Kigelia has cubs once again and hopefully she can raise them to independence like her other two daughters. These cubs are adorable, actually too cute for words, but then all leopard cubs are. Hopefully you and the team will continue to have many more sightings of all of the cubs residing on Londolozi.

I have not heard of the Kigelia female before, but am very excited to see her know with her two beautiful cubs. They are so gorgeous and I really do hope she can raise them to adulthood. I’m still upset about the Ximungwe female having her cubs killed, so I am really hoping she will be able to raise them. Thanks Robbie for this surprise of this female leopard and the gorgeous cubs. Please keep us in to date with her and the cubs. Video is fantastic, seeing them playing in the tree is exceptional.

How fortunate that the two cubs were so relaxed around the vehicle already–especially without mom present. Perhaps they just felt especially safe up in the tree? Here’s hoping this little family thrives.

This was truly a magical experience .. spending a short time with these cubs! Robbie and Trevor you both are the best! Thank you so much!!

Absolutely perfect small spotty babies….and to see them in such a beautiful tree is such a Win!

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