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on My First Sighting of the newly named Kambula Pride

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How wonderful to see the Ndhzengas and Kambulas as a Pride family. However in true male lion behavior, after capturing the small buffalo, nary a morsel was shared with the cubs or the females, but fortunately for you, they crossed back across the river to give you and your guests amazing viewing. Thanks for including the videos and terrific images.

Senior Digital Ranger

Heartbreaking when they all can’t eat, the males are so selfish

I guess the Kambula pride is still the largest pride in the area?

Robert, interesting dynamics to observe, thanks for sharing. The videos were great.

That is one huge pride of lions all together. Loved the video’s and especially when they all crossed over in the river. There are so many cubs and at different ages. Beautiful and fantastic to see them all together.

Nice stills and videos, Rob! Whatever their name, they remain an impressive pride! Presumably, the Ndzengas meet up and spend time with Ntsevu group as well, keeping pretty busy doing their job as protectors. Meanwhile, the Ntsevu Breakaway foursome continues to roam the area?

What an elation to see more lions of all ages interacting. They have become more and more rarely seen, in South Africa there’s a good conservation, Londolozi has a rampant pride – or prides- to be glad for

Great post Robert! All of the still images are wonderful, and the videos demonstrate the grace and power of these brilliant creatures.

Great photos!!!

Thanks for the great news on these two prides. With all the cubs they are in such good condition. I hope that they will all thrive so that we can enjoy their presence for a long time.

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