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Xinkhova 2:2 Female

Xinkhova 2:2 Female

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Nkoveni 2:2 Female

Nkoveni 2:2 Female

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As a young boy growing up on an agricultural farm in Zimbabwe, Sean spent every opportunity entertaining himself outdoors, camping in the local nature reserve and learning about all facets of the natural world. After completing a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental ...

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on The Week In Pictures #644

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What a fantastic group of images this week Sean, making favorite selections very difficult. So here goes, as far as the zebras, I prefer the colored version as I see a bit more detail and I like the balance of colors. First favorite has to be that little cub curled up in the Schotia tree. Next is your portrait of Tsalala- she is such a beautiful lioness and I really want her to find a mate. The next favorite is the two older lion cubs locked in an embrace – superb catch! Lastly, Xinkhova draped over the branch does make me wonder how that position can possibly be comfortable.

Thank you so much, Denise. I think I also enjoy the colour version of the zebras, there is a place for B&W as it is a bit more arty but I think in the blog I prefer the colour.

All lovely photographs, Sean. I prefer the black and white photo of the Zebras.

Thank you so much, Ian.

Senior Digital Ranger

Pictures of all the cubs are adorable!

Cubs are always a highlight for me.

Sean, wonderful pictures TWIP’s blog. I like the black and white version of the zebras best. The shot of the Nkoveni cub grooming itself is priceless. Sometimes you are in the right place at just the right time.

Thank you so much, William. So much of this is being in the right place at the right time.

Very special week in pictures! Who could resist the leopard cubs! I stopped breathing while looking at the pictures! What a precious picture with the orchid. The same for the elephant bulls framed by the old tree. The lion cubs are fantastic too, so full of life and antics. How beautiful the Xinkova and the Tsalala female are! While it is easy for a leopard to appear so photogenic, the Tsalala lioness is immediately recognisable and has no comparison to others. The boxing cubs are so funny! About the dazzle of zebra, I am fond of black and white pictures,but I must say the colour version is also very nice. To The Ndzenga male, as always, a lion is a lion! I saw a quick video of lions crossing water at night, do you know who they were? Thank you for this emotional week full of positive emotions

Leopard cubs always steal the show. I am glad you enjoyed so many of the images this week.

As usual, you make it extremely difficult to choose a favorite. As for the images of the dazzle of zebras, my choice is the black and white because it is so dramatic with the stormy sky. After looking at your images multiple times, my favorite is the beautiful portrait of the Tsalala female. Well done

Thank you so much, Karen. The Tsalala Female is a stunning lioness, incredibly photogenic.

Nice variety, Sean. I like the mohawk on the Wahlberg’s eagle, the ring-around-the-rosey lion cubs, and of course Tsalala.

Thank you so much, Willa. There was some good variety this week.

Really pleased to read you saw all 3 of Nkoveni’s cubs this time, Sean. My favourite this week has to be one of those images as they’re cute beyond belief! Regarding your question on colour v black and white, personally I much prefer colour. To me, black and white looks more “arty” but I like to see wildlife as I would if I were there.

Yes, we are relieved that all three of the Nkoveni Female’s Cubs are alive.

I’m probably uncool, but I definitely prefer the color edit of the dazzle of zebras. I also LOVE the Woodland kingfisher.

Thanks so much, Michael. There seems to be an even dived between the colour and B&W shot of the zebra, so you are necessarily uncool.

Senior Digital Ranger

The last picture I saw of the Tsalala female, she looked heavily pregnant. Is that the case? I would have expected her to have delivered the cubs by now. I hope she remains safe. I always worry when she ventures on Singita (as it has been reported) as lone females with cubs don’t seem to fare well there. Her mother being one of them. Ridge Nose Nkuhumba being more recent.

We thought the Tsalala Female was pregnant a few weeks ago, but it doesn’t appear so. I think she just had a full belly after a big meal. Hopefully, she is able to fall pregnant soon and we will see her with a few cubs.

Great TWIP Sean!! I always love seeing the Tsalala Female in these pages, so she’s the top sentimental pick (any word/update on her hooking up with the Skorro Male?). And for sheer beauty, I have to go with the Xinkhova Female lounging on the tree branch. For best action shot, I love the opening image of the male baboon captured in full yawn. And finally, while it is impossible to pick between the leopard and lion cubs, the finishing shots of the two lion cubs takes the prize! Bravo!!

Thank you so much, Paul. It was nice to see the Tsalala Female again, she is looking fantastic at the moment.

Hi Sean, this week’s TWIP is super special as we have the leopard cubs and wildebeest calves. My favorite this week is the one cub nesteld in the tree, looks so cute and comfortable. Loved the Zebra image in B/W it is stunning. Our Woodlands Kingfisher has already gone, and the swallows as well. Tsalala female is looking good good and I do hope she gets a mate soon.

The little cub int he hole in the tree is super cute. I love how it is all curled up.

Stunning Photos Sean! Black and white edit stellar!

Thank you so much, Allen.

So many wonderful shots this week, Sean! I loved all the young animals, and the birds. Between the black and white and color versions of the zebras, I like the black and white. The soft background and foreground paired with the higher contrast strips made them stand out really well.

Thank you so much, Chelsea. Photographing zebras is probably one of my favourite, because you can get so creative with the editing afterwards.

Great pics and blog comments! I need a flow chart to keep track of the leopard cubs…there (were 🙁 ) TWO moms /w THREE cubs?! How did I miss that? So happy that the Nkoveni mom is having better luck w/ her three. The dazzle of zebra is stunning in the B/W shot…I think because the one on the right has different coloring. But then the lion cub on the tree and the leopard cub IN the tree…brilliant colors…the bulls showing their dominance over the lion pride relaxing…so great! Look forward to this post every week 🙂

It can be quite difficult to keep up with everything that is going on. I am glad you enjoyed so many of the images this week.

Amazing photos, Sean! I like the Tsalala lioness ‘s photo best. The expression of her face is so special.

Thank you so much, Christa.

Sean, Great update and wonderful images! We love the B&W one of the Zebra. The contrast is really great with the sky too!

Thank you so much, Michael.

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