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Barry grew up in Johannesburg and knew from a young age that he had a true love for the African bush yet it was only after spending several years in the corporate world in Europe, followed by a two year sabbatical of traveling ...

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on Unravelling The Story: The Ximungwe Female Leopard And Her Cubs

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Well done untangling the mystery, Barry, thanks for bringing me along on the day’s journey! I miss magical Londolozi, Tales from the Wild takes me out of my office, at least for a moment!

Fantastic story! Leopards behaviour is one of the most interesting in the animal world. It’s great that each relative know what to do with related individuals. The cubs presence makes it all so very intriguing! Thank you a lot and let’s hope you may get more episodes of those cubs life and let us know!

Well, there’s clearly a part male leopards have in rearing cubs, as a sort of assistance. I collected a playlist with different theme sightings on my channel. Guess animal theories need to be revised, but deeper research work needs to be performed, which is hard. Thank you for the story and pictures.

Senior Digital Ranger

What an interesting Leopard jigsaw puzzle to put the pieces together!!! Loved the story!

It is about a head scratcher this story of one cub in the tree eating, and the Ximungwe female going to fetch the other cub to come feed. And to topple everything, the two males arrive on the scene. That is so intriguing to figure out what she was doing with one cub and why. Glad to hear both cubs are still well and alive and let’s hope they make it to adulthood. Maxim’s male is such a stunning leopard so huge. The Nsuku male is only two years old, but he too is going to be a big boy.

Great sleuthing, Barry. Thanks for the fun drive!

What a fantastic sighting, Barry, all these leopards on one carcass. Luckily for the cub on the tree, his two potential relatives came to feed and not any other leopard. I hope that the Ximungwe female will be able to bring up her cubs. It is always so sad, though, of course, it‘s the way nature works, when these cute little leopards get killed.

wild story Barry, thanks for piecing it together. I hope the two cubs survive to adult hood.

As you stated Barry, we never know the true story of what may have happened when encountering scenarios as you described, but those of you with years of experience in the bush, can piece together what probably occurred and that is enough. I also find the morning drives are my favorite and wake up long before the birds begin to sing, eager to venture out to see the sun rise and what transpired under the dark of night. After reading your story, I have to agree with the summation by you, Jerry and the others that witnessed the events of the morning.

What w wild (pun intended) Barry!! So glad that all ended well for the two cubs, and how amazing it must have been to see all of these leopards at once!

Thankful for the safety of both cubs…..and a very interesting story! These cats will do things outside of the textbooks!

Senior Digital Ranger

Wonderful story, just delighted both cubs are ok and all seemed to have gotten along for now. All the best to those babies and mom

Now that’s a love triangle if I’ve ever seen one. I’m glad that in this case, all leopards were cordial and the cubs were safe. It makes me wonder how frequently these types of interactions actually occur, but when no humans are present to witness them. That must have been a fun story to piece together.

Me gustaría expresar mi sincero agradecimiento por compartir tu fascinante experiencia en el safari y por brindarnos un vistazo tan vívido y emocionante de la vida salvaje. Tu habilidad para narrar la compleja historia de Ximungwe y sus crías nos transporta a la sabana africana y nos deja maravillados con la intriga y la belleza de la naturaleza. Tu pasión por desentrañar los misterios del mundo salvaje es contagiosa y nos inspira a apreciar y proteger nuestro entorno natural. ¡Gracias por compartir tu conocimiento y tu aventura con nosotros!
Gracias por dejarme conocer África por medio de tus historias y tus vivencias. Espero algún día ir presencialmente. 🤗


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