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on Clash of The Packs: A Wild Encounter at Londolozi

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Megan, thanks for sharing the pictures and video of the wild dog encounter. The melee with both packs was amazing to see.

What an exciting sighting that must have been, Megan! And an extremely rare one – have any of the rangers seen that happen before?

Wow. It looks like there is a tracking collar on one of the wild dog pictures that Kyle took. What organization put the collar on (assuming not Londolozi)? And, does Londolozi get the insights? Thanks.

Wow Megan the vocalization from all these wild dogs are so loud. You see them running g to and fro and not nowing which dogs belong to which pack, pandemonium is happening right there. My goodness how exciting that must of been for you Megan and your guests seeing all this right in front of you.

What an experience to witness two wild dog packs interact with each other, to an extent. Fortunately no dogs were injured in the fracas. Thanks for the backstory!

Amazing!! I love these animals, and so crazy to hear about and see this encounter of the two packs of wild dogs!! Thanks Megan!!

a lot of barks but no bites apparently?! ha! 😉 love it!

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