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Plaque Rock 3:3 Female

Plaque Rock 3:3 Female

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on Plaque Rock Female on A Mission- Virtual Safari #213

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So sad about those the cubs, but not surprised. Do you know of any other leopard that’s lost her 1st 4 litters – or have never managed to bring any cubs to independence at all?

Poor plaque Rock Female. She’s such a success as far as leopardity (:)) evolution… perfect. It’s a real pleasure to watch her. Maybe there are too many predators around. The world has become somewhat smaller for animals. There is a worrying policy about trophy hunters in previously protected areas. Hunters do not surely choose their prey like predators. I’m so glad she lives in a protected area and can carry on the great genes of her parents, hopefully!

the Plaque Rock Female has had a tough time raising cubs. Let’s hope she is able to raise some cubs soon.

Sean, great video of the Plaque Rock female. You are right about the potential loss of her cubs. She did not appear to have significant suckle marks at this sighting.

Thank you so much, William. She didn’t have any signs of suckle marks so we can confidently say she has lost her cubs.

Today’s video was somewhat bittersweet: it was wonderful to see Plaque Rock female at close range but disappointing to learn that none of her three cubs survived. I know the chances of the three to survive was minute, but I had hoped she could keep one. A female leopard’s life is extremely difficult and to raise a cub to independence is a testament to her strength and instincts. Have any studies been done on why some female leopards tend to do better at raising cubs than others?

It was bittersweet but any time spent with a leopard is always great. Leopards do have it tough.

Hi Sean, she is a stunning leopard and it is a pity she has lost her three cubs. Surprisingly her mother, the Nkoveni female still has her three cubs. She just has a certain look about herself the portrays confidence in her being. Hope she can fall pregnant soon. It is an exceptional hard terrain to have leopard cubs and still try and raise them to adulthood.

It is a pity that she has lost another litter. There are so many factors at play that make it difficult for a leopard to raise cubs.

That she has lost her cubs again, is so sad. Life out there in the bush is indeed very hard for the animals. I hope that she will finally have luck with a new litter. Do you think, Sean that watching very little cubs does in any way contribute to the loss of them? Do you think that hyenas get some clues were such cubs are hidden by navigating cars, for example?

It is hard out here, particularly for mother leopards. I don’t think so, I mean we have been watching leopards and their cubs here since the early 70s and many a leopard has raised cubs. I think the Plaque Rock has just been struck with a serious stroke of bad luck.

Unfortunate news about the cubs, she’s really had a tough time in the motherhood department. I was fascinated to learn that Panthera is collecting and analyzing scat samples and could determine paternity that way. I’d love to know more about what data they’re collecting, hypothesis they’re testing, and what they’re up to in general in there (plus, how Londolozi is collaborating). I remember lots of camera footage in previous posts that were connected to their efforts. Maybe a future blog post topic?

It is sad news but I guess it is the way of the wild. Yes, there is maybe a future blog in there that we could answer some of your questions.

What a stunningly beautiful leopard Sean! Sorry to hear of the loss of her cubs, but wishing her much success going forward.

She is such a gorgeous leopard. Hopefully she is able to raise a litter of cubs successfully soon.

🙁 🙁 🙁 so sad. I do love the side by side of her and her dad tho…very cool to see the genes.

It is sad that she has lost her cubs, but unfortunately that is the way of the wild. It is cool to see the genes play out.

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