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Reece was born and raised in Johannesburg where from a young age he nurtured his love for the African Bush through countless holidays to the Kruger National Park. It was here where he found his 'happy place' and it would only be a ...

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on What Do Rangers Do During Their Time Off: A Bush Immersion Experience

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Reece. I’m so glad for you (and Londolozi guests) you were able to make the change. Your desire was evident when we chatted during my time in Tree Camp in September 2022. Bravo. Elizabeth.

Thank you very much Elizabeth. I really appreciate that. It certainly has been a change that has made my heart incredibly happy. I hope you are keeping well and hopefully it will not be long before we see you again.

Beautifully written, Reece. I love the Manyleti river bed too, walking along it must be extra special.

Thank you Susan. Will definitely need to plan a walk through the river bed during your next visit!

How superb! I so enjoyed the adventure. It’s the kind of thing we Colonial Williamsburg folks would do, taking a weekend to experience the Historic Area as guests. But the difference is . . . we’d be able to book into a CW hotel for the evening.

Thank you Willa. I am so glad you enjoyed this blog. I have no doubt there will many more adventures like this in the coming future.

That sounds like an experience that you will not forget for a long time. Spending time with the other Rangers and learning from each other, and looking out for each other can only make the bond stronger between all of you. How wonderful for you Reece to have that opportunity to be able to do that sleep out at Londolozi with the Rangers, may you all be enthrilled with that wonderful night.

Thank you Valmai. It was such a special experience and being able to share that with colleagues that have become family make it even more so.

FUN FUN FUN … so great to have the opportunity to go on a hike and then overnight around a campfire! Reminds me of when I used to take our son and a friend on similar adventures. Nothing beats the bonding that happens scavengering for firewood, roasting hot dogs over the fire on a stick and then overdosing on s’mores for dessert. You are very fortunate to be able to do this so easily.

Thank you Bob and Lucie. It is such a great experience just being able to get out and spend time in nature regardless of where in the world that may be.

Reece, thank you for sharing such an enjoyable overnight camp experience with your friends and fellow rangers. Camping out in the open is one of the best experiences one can have.

Thank you William, I am so glad you enjoyed our adventure. I am sure there will be many more to follow.

What a fantastic bush overnight experience you all shared. I’m curious as to whether you all were on your two week break in order to have this time together, considering the chances of eight of you not driving guests this time of year is small. At any rate, you’re all so fortunate to be able to explore this amazing parcel of nature in a more intimate way than any of us guests will ever experience.

Thank you Denise. It was a very rare occasion but two of the camps were closed for some maintenance work for a couple days so we thought we would take full advantage of the opportunity.

A wonderful experience you will certainly never forget. A tale to tell your grandchildren about if you have some one day. Beautifully told.

Thank you Christa. It certainly was an experience that has etched itself in my memory forever.

Senior Digital Ranger

Fascinating! Rusks are one of the things I miss most about South Africa. Nothing like them when working in the bush. I recently found marula liqueur at my local liquor store and shared with a group of friends. I told them about how the animals eat them when they fall to the ground and they were very interested. Thanks for the memory!

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