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At less than a year old, Kirst went to her family’s hut in the Greater Kruger National Park, and has been fortunate enough to continue to go there ever since. Sharing a passion for the bush with her family, led to countless trips ...

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on Our First Lessons in Conservation

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An incredible opportunity for young minds. Admiration for Londolozi and all involved.

Thank you Scott

Congratulations to all of you for teaching and helping the young people of South Africa to learn about nature and life first hand.

Thank you William

What a wonderful and inspiring way to teach these young people about conservation, bird migration, eco systems and animal tracks. I am sure they enjoyed every minute of your lessons, and especially the outing at Londolozi.

Thank you Valmai! It was an enjoyable time for all.

Kirst, what a fantastic opportunity for the students in that local school to learn about wildlife and sustainability from you rangers working in Londolozi, a property that has led the field in both areas. As a former teacher, you know firsthand how important it is to encourage students’ curiosity and to provide hands on learning. Their first trip into the bush must have been so gratifying to all of you, seeing and feeling their excitement and awe. Kudos to Londolozi for adding LiC to the Ripple Fund and to all of you for taking the time to share your knowledge.

Thank you Denise, been a great time for us as well sharing what we love!

What a great program, Kirst! And an opportunity to merge your former career with your current one!

Thanks Mary-Beth, certainly been a while since I was at the front of a classroom

A wonderful experience for the children and their teachers. It‘s great that they learn to appreciate and care for their own environment and the wonderful animals around them. Congratulation on teaching them. It‘s so important to create understanding for the nature around us and how important animals are. Everywhere in the world.

Thank you Christa! It has been a wonderful experience for all of us too!

Brava Kirst, and kudos to your team and Londolozi for all the amazing work you do!!

Thank you so much Paul!

What a great opportunity for the children – must be very satisfying for you too.

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