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on Wild Dog Pandemonium: Two Packs Collide- Virtual Safari #211

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I suppose it was inevitable that with 4 separate packs of wild dogs some would bump into each other sooner rather than later. how exciting for you to witness the chaos that followed!
Watching the hyena being chased by wild dogs made me wonder – how do their speeds compare? I guess even if they caught it there would need to be several of them to have any chance of getting that bit of meat back?

It was only a matter of time and thankfully we were there to see it happen. Hyenas are a lot faster than one would think, however, wild dogs are faster. I think they were just chasing the hyena to give it a hard time. They had all eaten and so they were not desperate to get the carcass back.

Senior Digital Ranger

This is really fascinating. I’ve seen a family of wild dogs at Pilanesberg and they were quite placid. However, when food, hyenas, vultures, and another pack of wild dogs are involved, I suppose it’s a very different situation,

They usually are placid by nature when just going about their daily business and mingling around together, however, once a carcass is involved or they need to fend off a threat their whole demeanour changes.

Sean: What do you call the sound the wild dogs make? Is it squittering? And who would have put the collar on the one wild dog?

The call they were making while interacting with the other pack could probably be classified as a twittering sound, interspersed with moans, groans and yelps. More on this to come in the near future.
There are a number of research organisations working closely with the private reserves as well as South African National Parks that would have put the collars on the different packs of wild dogs in the area. These collars are purely for research purposes and to monitor the packs movements and status.

Spectacular wild dog encounter this week. Thank you for sharing the video Sean.

Thank you so much, William.

Wow! This was an epic and exciting virtual safari this morning Sean. From the painted dogs first encounter with the keen eyed vultures to the cacophony of squeals, whooping and hooting, I was fully engaged, feeling the excitement and in the latter viewing, apprehension about what might occur between the two packs. Fortunately there seemed to be a lot of bravado and no injuries. Just seeing one pack of dogs is thrilling, but two – incredible! Fabulous footage!

Thank you so much, Denise. It appears as though there was no injuries between the two packs. Just a lot of noise and chaos.

Wow Sean it was so exciting to see all these wild dogs together and their calls and whines are deafening to say the least. It must of been very load for you and the guests to of heard those sounds. Some wild dogs were eating and some were chasing the vultures, but all of then are on high adrenaline. Fantastic video thank you Sean.

It certainly was very loud, and also they were making such interesting sounds. I am glad you enjoyed the video.

Hi Sean, A fantastic virtual safari! I really enjoyed it! I also think they are magnificent animals! Thank you for sharing!

Wild dogs are magnificent animals and it is always exhilarating spending time with them.

I can only imagine the energy in the air during that encounter. Are different packs aggressive toward one another? It appeared that they were all running everywhere, but it didn’t look like there was fighting (although perhaps nothing to fight about). Interesting that four different packs’ territories all overlapped at Londolozi recently. With how rare they are I never suspected they would encounter other packs, but of course that happens. How thrilling!

I have seen two packs interact once before but it was very different to this one. The last time the dogs ran in like they initially did and then second later they all took off across the clearings chasing each other. This encounter almost seemed more playful.

Is it typical that there were no injuries or real fighting? Certainly no West Side Story! I love them chasing the vultures (seems for fun more than protection of their meal) similar to my dog with the seagulls on the beach!

I think it is typical that there were no injuries.
Yes, the chasing the vultures looked like it was rather for the wild dogs’ entertainment, very much like a dog chasing seagulls on the beach.

A trielt spectacular video, Sean, with all these wild dogs.Fantastic! Vuloured, hyenas, two pack of wild dogs… What more could one want to ask for? So exciting.

Wild dogs are always such fun to spend time with.

I absolutely LOVE these animals, and all the havoc they wreak! Thanks for an action packed and thrilling Virtual Safari Sean!!

I love wild dogs too. Following them around is always such fun.

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