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Jess was born in Kwazulu/Natal but grew up in Cape Town. Having an innate love for all things wild but getting to spend little time in the bush while growing up, she headed straight for the Lowveld after school. She completed a guiding ...

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on The Story of the Leadwood Tree

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Wonderful homage to a spectacular tree!

I was in awe Jess, as I read through your story, instinctively remembering the first time I went into the Leadwood forest. The canopy formed by these towering trees felt like a sanctuary, the rippled bark of the trees exhibiting decades of life and I felt a sense of wonder, awe and peacefulness. Your words come from your heart and truly express your connection with these trees and I thank you…..

Lovely, Jess. Thank you.

Absolutely beautiful poem!

Absolutely a stunning article Jess. Heartfelt inspiration. Thank You.

Beautiful Jess, I love the Leadwood forest.

Beautiful Jess, you wrote your story about the Leawood tree just as you see you it and feel in your heart. It is a magnificent tree and it with stood all the elements of nature, and it is still standing.

A beautiful poem and homage to these special trees.
How much must such a tree have witnessed.

Hi Jess, how I understand you! I fée exactly the same with trees, today I walked through a wood and there’s nothing comparable to the feeling you have among such majestic creatures. Your tale is one of the most beautiful and heartfelt I read in this blog, I have goosebumps! The pictures are the magical comments to your words. I just hope to see such wonderful creatures and hope that they will be kept under protection against human greed and destruction of our natural cathedrals.

Nice poem Jess. Great trees are a big part of the life blood of all the world.

What a stirring tribute…and the accompanying images have truly captured the essence of permanence, seasons turning and collective belonging of everything in nature.

Wow Jess!! Stunning words and images. Really really beautiful. Thank you!!

Senior Digital Ranger

Jess – amazing poetic words evoking such feeling for the Leadwood Tree and great photos which explain it all. At Londoz you have a beautiful Leadwood forest and will always remember how much about the life of trees you shared with us.

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